Breast Implants and Augmentation Surgery in Phuket

For breast implants Phuket is one of the worlds top choices!

Lotus Medical International has been at the forefront of offering breast implants, Phuket’s specialty when it comes to breast enhancement in Thailand. Breast enlargement is the most common of all the cosmetic procedures when looking at  the work the medical tourism  company does for its clients who come to Phuket; a tropical resort paradise on Thailand’s Andaman Coast.

Most prospective clients are keen to know what is likely to happen when they turn up for breast implants, Phuket’s optimal procedure in the realm of plastic surgery. Lotus Medical asks patients to supply photos and a complete medical history before arrival. Medical staff can judge from the information whether the surgery is advisable and have an opportunity to prepare beforehand.

On arrival for breast implants, Phuket’s hidden secret; surgeons arrange a thorough hospital interview. This clarifies the needs and wants of the patient. True many ladies fancy bigger breasts, but other factors need consideration. The enlarged breasts have to look good, be in proportion and be balanced in size.

Lotus Medical International explains that Phuket breast implants require the insertion of a sterile bag containing viscous gel. The bags are imported from America; these determine the size of the restructured breast. The size ranges from a small 100cc to an enormous 1200cc, but the most popular is 350cc.

Once the Phuket   breast implant surgeons have an agreed plan in mind, they can start the reconstruction process from a medical point of view. Each operation is carefully planned and will last for a couple of hours on average. As the surgery is performed using a general anesthetic, the patient can expect to overnight in hospital.

In Phuket, breast implant operations are pain free, thanks to the anesthetic. However, the patient is warned to expect some swelling and bruising afterwards. The company tells women that they will have to wear a surgical bra, as this helps the healing process.

As breast enlargement is so widely performed, complications are minimal. However, before arriving for breast implants in Phuket, clients are advised to make preparations so they are in tip-top shape to ensure the surgery goes very smoothly. It’s a good idea to clean up the diet, stop smoking, cut back on alcohol and embark on an exercise program a couple of months before coming for breast implants, Phuket is a vacation paradise so expect the operation and the immediate recovery program to be healing process in itself.

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