Cost of Liposuction Thailand

As all of our patients have discovered, liposuction through us here in Thailand is about a third to a half of the price than in other western countries. Thailand is fast becoming one of the top destinations for cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is one of the most common surgeries performed and all of our surgeons that we work with here at Lotus Medical International are extremely highly qualified and experienced so you can be assured you will only be in the best hands.

Because the cost of liposuction here in Thailand is so low, it also means you can enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beautiful island of Phuket while you rest and recover. The costs you will pay for your liposuction surgery will also include 1-2 nights in hospital, medication and follow up appointments where in other western countries you could be paying more just for your surgery.

Here at Lotus Medical International we like to make sure your surgery journey here with us is as stress free as possible so we can organize everything for you from just your surgery to your accommodation, transfers and flights. Although the cost for liposuction in Thailand is so low that does not mean that our surgeons are any less qualified than those in a western country, in fact all of the surgeons that we work with we have hand-picked ourselves over the eight years of being here in Thailand and Phuket. All of our surgeons are JCO and ISO board accredited surgeons who are highly experienced and qualified with one of our surgeons even placing in the top three in the world.

Your safety is paramount to us and to the surgeons so you can be assured you will be in only the best and safe hands during you liposuction journey here with us in Phuket, Thailand.