Tummy Tuck Thailand Cost

The great thing about having tummy tuck surgery in Thailand or any surgery for that matter is that the costs for tummy tuck in Thailand are usually around thirty to fifty percent of the price than in a western country. Thailand is fast becoming the top destination for cosmetic surgery due to not only the great costs but also because you get to rest and recover in the beautiful tropical holiday environment.

Here at Lotus Medical International we can not only organize your surgery for you but we can also organize your accommodation, airport, hotel and hospital transfers, follow up appointments, flights and because we are based here in Thailand we will also give you a mobile phone to contact us at any time you need and we will also have a member of the lotus Medical team meet you at the hospital for all of your appointments. All of these things put together including your surgery, is still a lot more cost effective than having just surgery in a western country, therefore Thailand Is a great option for surgery.

Even though the cost for tummy tuck surgery in Thailand is a lot less than in a western country, the qualifications and experience are just as good, if not, better than in a western country. Our surgeons have higher patient numbers than surgeons in most other countries, their experience is therefore a lot higher than most western country surgeons. Lotus Medical have been operating out of Thailand for eight years and we are extremely fussy about which surgeons we work with, we do not believe in providing surgery purely based on the price of surgery alone, we believe in providing the upmost quality and we have therefore hand-picked the surgeons ourselves and you will therefore be in none other but the best hands possible.

At Lotus Medical International we want to make your journey with us here in Thailand as stress free as possible which is why we will be right at your fingertips every step of the way.



Cost in Thai Baht start from

No of Days Stay

Mini Tummy Tuck


7 – 10

Tummy Tuck


10 – 14

Extended Tummy Tuck


10 – 14

Full Abdominoplasty


14 – 21


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