Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is part of the largest hospital group in Thailand and indeed in Asia, the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS). The group owns six major hospital groups and 31 hospitals within Thailand alone and has recently acquired even more hospitals across Thailand and all of Asia.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket, has, over many years, distinguished itself as one of the top providers of cosmetic surgery in Thailand. It boasts some of the top plastic surgeons in Thailand and has for many years offered surgery for international clients. It is both JCI and ISO Accredited which means that it operates to the highest of international hospital standards.

The surgeons in Bangkok Hospital Phuket have been providing cosmetic surgery in Phuket for many years and they are therefore some of the most experienced surgeons in Thailand at working with international patients. These Phuket surgeons will offer a free online consultation, which can be obtained by contacting Lotus Medical. The doctors offer detailed recommendations prior to commitment and will outline a detailed treatment plan, final costs, and recommend a length of stay in Phuket.

The Bangkok Hospital Group recently bought over The Phuket International Hospital. The Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Phuket International Hospital are therefore presently going through a merger. The plastic surgery centres of both of these Phuket hospitals will soon merge to become The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute or PPSI. This will mean that this plastic surgery centre in Phuket will be the largest in Thailand. It will also boast some of the most internationally recognized and experienced surgeons in Thailand which will mean that Phuket Cosmetic Surgery will be a first choice for many people.

There will be a brand new hospital and department opening to offer cosmetic surgery in Phuket when these two hospitals merge over the coming months.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket