What cosmetic surgery in Phuket can offer…

Cosmetic surgery in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand, an island full of pristine beaches, luscious mountains, amazing sea view places, elephants etc., but those aren’t the only things that this place can offer. Cosmetic surgery in Phuket is becoming the top choice for people who want to enhance themselves. Phuket is offering the best hospitals, high caliber surgeons and most importantly the best price without compromising the result of the surgery.

Being a Medical Host gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things about cosmetic surgery. I never thought that I will be working in this kind of industry- I thought it only exist in movies. (Well, coming from a place where cosmetic surgery is extremely expensive and its only for the rich & famous, I honestly never had any idea about it.)  Cosmetic surgery in Phuket is selling like hotcakes! And why not? Surgery results are impressive and surgeons remain commendable.

What sets cosmetic surgery in Phuket apart from other western countries?

Being a nurse, I have witnessed how surgeons can individually address the client’s needs- without generalizing the care for breast augmentation, breast lift, face lift etc., discussing the pros and cons if a patient wanted to achieve a certain look is another thing that I like about cosmetic surgery in Phuket- the surgeon’s honesty.  Hospital management made the procedures: consultation-payment-surgery- discharge, really systematic that everything runs like clockwork, impressive!

Working with Lotus Medical International, I witnessed how organized the booking process, how informative the enquiry and how effective the team is in handling their client’s anxiety prior to the cosmetic surgery.  From arrival to departure, quality care is shown, also,  cosmetic  surgery in Phuket is becoming more accessible because of company-Lotus, is always available for making an enquiry and providing the up to date information about the procedures in Phuket, Thailand.

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery in Phuket or any other medical procedure in Phuket or Thailand, you can request a free consultation from one of our Thailand Surgeons here – On Line Consultation