Plastic Surgery Phuket, the best surgeons in Thailand.

Plastic surgery Phuket

When thinking of plastic surgery, Phuket is one of the top destinations, why?

The answer is very easy. The best surgeons in Thailand are in Phuket practicing plastic surgery. Boosting breast size and shape is not about developing a better figure to fit clothing. It also has a lot to do with enriching life itself! If you are keen on embarking on such journey, then Lotus Medical International can provide you with the answer to your question of how to make this possible.

Better boobs, better life?

This is borne out by a 2013 study by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in which women who had undergone breast augmentation told the Journal that the procedure had enriched their psychological, sexual and physical feeling of well-being.

Lotus Medical International has its main base of operations in Phuket, The Company, has been involved in the business of plastic surgery, a Phuket specialty, for a number of years and all know about the life enhancing benefits of the procedure. Lotus Medical chose Phuket because it’s the home of the best surgeons in Thailand. The survey is significant because it is the first of its kind that uses proper research criteria which has provided quantifiable results.

Another important factor has been demonstrated by the increasing number of women who have come forward for breast enhancement surgery. Many of these have turned to Phuket for plastic surgery. To increase the credibility of the numbers, the American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery has revealed that breast augmentation has replaced liposuction as the most commonly performed plastic surgery technique in the United States in 2012. Lotus Medical International’s experience illustrates that these numbers have been growing and the trend indicates they will continue to grow.

The key question is how do these surgical procedures improve women’s life quality?

The answer boils down to increased confidence. Women who came to Phuket for plastic surgery noted a great surge in self-confidence after the “boob job”. This, like a pebble, thrown into a pond had a ripple effect which washed further out into life. Sex life was a definite case in point, where the women claimed that as a result of their operation, their sex lives had improved by as much as 37%. This improved relationships with husbands and partners and made life consequently a lot more pleasurable. “Plastic surgery Phuket” was definitely a good investment in terms of results.

Moreover, they also claimed the bedroom was not the only place they experienced enhanced quality of life. Many women testified that their professional lives had taken a turn for the better. The Phuket plastic surgery gave their overall confidence rating a huge surge. This resulted in feeling considerably better about themselves which was the shove many needed to go forward for promotions and get themselves noticed; this led to promotion as result. All these changes fostered an increased sense of self-esteem, the electric charge many needed to completely transform life.