In Thailand Cosmetic Surgery is the very Best!

Thailand cosmetic surgery

Many women and some men, too, grasp that in Thailand cosmetic surgery is invariably of exceptionally high quality. That’s why they fly from all corners of the globe to profit from procedures performed by some of the country’s top surgeons.

Lotus Medical International has been at the forefront of medical tourism for more than seven years. The Company recognizes that in Thailand, cosmetic surgery practices are amongst some of the best in the world. Many surgeons have been trained in the West and can hold their own with their mentors. This means it is a safe destination to bring clients for life enhancing alterations carried out in first rate hospitals by first class medical teams.

Phuket is Lotus International’s preferred destination. The company’s Managing Director, Grainne Farrell, has had almost two decades of experience working in the medical industry, she  concedes that the standards of the hospitals and the overall medical expertise makes the holiday island an idyllic spot in Thailand where cosmetic surgery can be carried out. She is quick to point out that not only are the medical facilities of high international standard, but the holiday tone makes Phuket an excellent location in which to recuperate after surgery.

Her dream has always been to offer operations like breast enhancement, “nose jobs”, “tummy tucks” and so on at prices that lie within the grasp of the majority of people. Not only are the prices to be affordable but the medical services have to be up to speed with western medical practice. This means the hospitals and the surgeons have to be exceptional. In itself this was a conundrum. Fortunately, Thailand cosmetic surgery came to her rescue.

Thai costs are considerably less expensive than prices charged in Australia, Europe and North America. This answered her need to be able to provide these services at prices the majority of people could afford to pay. This gives more and more men and women the opportunity to experience cosmetic surgery, Thailand’s answer to many people’s prayers. Meaningful research has demonstrated that patients, who have undergone plastic surgery, have for the most part experienced a gigantic boost in confidence, with colossal positive repercussions into many areas of life.

Women, who have come for cosmetic surgery, Thailand’s superb confidence booster, now have better relationships with partners and spouses. The improvements don’t simply stop at the sexual side of things but impact into work and enhanced career path as well. Why is this?

Grainne Farrell passionately believes that in Thailand, cosmetic surgery has considerably increased the self-confidence ratings of most of her clients.  This greatly encourages her in bettering the excellent services already provided because she sees the beneficial knock-on effects the surgery has had for them, in all areas of life. She feels cosmetic surgery in Thailand has been a wonderful and wise decision for so many people who choose to avail of Lotus Medical International’s services.