Transgender and some of the challenges faced

transgender in Thailand

What can it possibly feel like to be transgender?

Let us for example assume that you are a genetically born female who is feminine and attractive. Now envisage that you awake one day to discover that you are suddenly male. You can’t wear your earrings anymore or your jewellery, you will have clean cut hair and not be able to wear makeup or any of the feminine, colourful and expressive clothes you used to wear. You find that you now have muscles and are covered with hair on your body. You will be regarded as a man by your women colleagues and now you will need to try to act as a guy in order to integrate with other men.

You are now required to do this for the rest of your life.

Most transgender individuals have undertaken a range of social, legal, medical and surgical transitions to continue their lives as the gender they know themselves to be.

So what is the relationship between being transgender and ones sexual preference?

With regards to the correlation concerning being transgender and one’s sexual orientation, basically, sexual orientation defines the type of individual is attracted to, while gender identity defines one’s perception of themselves. Transgender people can be straight, gay, bisexual or asexual, just like anybody else.

Transgender challenges

Quite regularly, transgender people are reproached for being something other than what they claim to be. Quite regularly, transgender people are asked about their “real” name or their “real” gender.

There are a lot of challenges out there for transgender people.  That said, there are many people doing valuable work on the ground;, who work tirelessly to address these challenges. But for most transgender people, the biggest challenge is the need to be recognised and valued for who they are.