Tummy Tuck Thailand

Tummy Tuck Thailand – How Long Should One Wait to Have a Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy?

They say being a mother is the hardest job on the planet. We agree! Not only is raising a wee one a huge responsibility (along with a huge joy), but it can also wreak havoc on one’s body! Because of this, more and more women are choosing to undergo a “Mommy Make-Over” – the foundation of which is usually a tummy tuck in Thailand!

The question most moms considering abdominoplasty have is how long they have to wait until they can have it done. Can they jump from the delivery room to the plastic surgery room right away? The short answer is most definitely a no. Our Lotus Medical surgeons recommend that new moms wait at least six months before undergoing a tummy tuck. They suggest allowing the body to return to its pre-pregnancy weight before taking on such a surgery.

Something else to consider is whether or not you are breast-feeding. Since breast-feeding elevates hormone levels which impact skin elasticity, doctors on realself.com recommend waiting until at least three months AFTER you’ve stopped breast-feeding to have a tummy tuck.

Also, heavy lifting can impact a tummy tuck’s results. Most women have to lift their babies more frequently during the first few months of a child’s birth, making recovery that much more difficult.

Women who have undergone a C-section may be happy to note that the recommended wait time is the same for them as it is for a vaginal birth. In most cases, the same scar will be used for the tummy tuck procedure so scar maturation is recommended. That will take a minimum of six months.

So moms, breathe a sigh of relief and just relaaax! You have six months to enjoy your newborn, bond and get through those initial quirks and complications before a tummy tuck should be considered. By that time you’ll be ready for some R&R in Thailand while you have your abdominoplasty performed by some of the top surgeons in the world! We’ll have your beach chair waiting…

Even with persistent dedication to a fitness and healthy eating routine, some stubborn fat refuses to budge! It is common knowledge that training only gets one so far, so what’s the next step to achieving the body of one’s dreams? Thailand liposuction!

For years liposuction has been one of the top cosmetic surgeries worldwide. In fact, over the past decade the number of people undergoing this procedure has increased by 65%! With its incredible results, easy recovery and minimal down-time, liposuction has been used by millions of women to contour the shape they desire. Liposuction is not a replacement for proper exercise and nutrition but it can be a life-changing boost if utilized properly.

So when should one undergo liposuction? Keeping in mind that most people lose around 2-3 kgs with liposuction, it is not a method to reduce weight. It is a contouring procedure used to create a better shape by removing fat cells. If you feel that your body is no longer improving through diet and exercise, liposuction should be a consideration. Common areas targeted include the abdomen and thighs although many other areas are also done.

Once you’ve decided to look into liposuction, what’s the next step? There are various types of liposuction available and all have their pros and cons. The best thing to do would be to book a consultation and to send in your photos for evaluation. Lotus Medical has skilled surgeons who will know which procedure is best and what type of results can be expected.

In the mean time, keep up that healthy eating and exercise routine! Studies show that patients have much better success rates when they follow their liposuction with healthy habits. Your longterm success depends on the decision you make on a daily basis!