Why choose Lotus Medical

Medical Tourism Phuket Thailand

Lotus Medical was established in the United Kingdom and Thailand in 2007. Lotus Medical’s CEO brings ten years of experience working in the UK Medical Industry and is a knowledgeable veteran of providing medical tourism in Thailand. Our focus has always been and will always be on quality patient care and client experience as well as making sure that our clients receive the best medical interventions that are available.

We are medical holiday experts with many years of experience in offering cosmetic surgery in Thailand. We give our clients easy access to outstanding medical surgeons and premier hospitals. Over several years, we have had hundreds of clients that have been thrilled with their surgery results.

We focus on providing the best experience possible for our patients:

  • Build bespoke medical holiday packages according to individual needs
  • Provide patient support before, during, and after cosmetic surgery procedure
  • Acces to premier plastic surgeons and top hospitals
  • Great hotels in breathtaking locations

Arriving at the Airport

From the moment you land in Thailand, everything has been prepared and arranged — you don’t need to think about a thing. We collect you from the airport, take you to the hotel, and then meet for your surgery appointments. All of your needs are met by our knowledgeable and friendly staff during the entire trip in Thailand.

We are the only agency in Thailand that has Western staff living and working in Thailand to assist you while you are here. This means that we are able to offer unrivalled support and care for you while you are here. Our English speaking and highly trained medical hosts will be able to support you in a very individual way and as English is our first language even simple things like communication with our Phuket team will be easy

Why choose Thailand

Thailand continues to be one of the top countries in the world for patients wishing to travel abroad for medical interventions and dental tourism. The country is home to highly trained medical specialists and some of the world’s leading hospitals. Thailand is a world leader in the provision of cosmetic surgeries , dental interventions, and medical interventions.

Cost benefits, usually 30 – 50% of those in other countries

Our team of plastic surgeons all speak English as many have been trained internationally and are experienced in providing quality care to numerous medical holiday patients. With one of the highest case numbers in the world, Phuket surgeons are much more experienced than most others and offer amazing surgery results.

Thailand, specifically Phuket’s tropical beaches and island lifestyle, offers the perfect setting to rest and recover. You will find Thai people to be very open, warm, and hospitable. There is a lot of culture to see, interesting tours to partake in, and the cuisine is noted around the world.