Cost of Breast Implants In Thailand

Thailand is fast becoming the number one destination for breast implant surgery, not only because of the luxurious tropical island paradise, but because of the prices compared to those in a western world. The cost for breast implants is generally about 30 – 50% of the price compared to many other Western countries like Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Costs for breast augmentation or breast implant surgery start at around 115,000 Thai Baht which is close to $3,400 USD but costs can vary depending on the type of implant that is used and also depending on the placement of the implant.

There are two types of shaped implants that we use; the gel silicone round implants and the gel silicone tear drop shaped implants. Tear drop shaped implants can give a more natural look in women that have very little breast tissue but they are a bit more expensive than the round implants. Out surgeons use the most reputable brands of implants in the world. Our round implants are all Mentor Implants and for other types we use the Allergan or Eurosilicone brands. Round breast implant costs start from around $3,400 USD and tear drop breast implants cost around $4,300.

One of the other things that can affect breast implants cost/prices is the placement of the implant. Nowadays in many cases breast implants are placed below the muscle as this is said to give a more natural look and feel and over time the breast implant is help in a better position than if it is placed above the muscle. In particular cases, for instance with athletic women, implants may be placed above the muscle. Our surgeons also sometimes suggest that implants are placed on what is called a Dual Plane; this means that the implant is half above the muscle and half below the muscle. This is said to give the most natural overall outcome but it takes the surgeon long to perform than standard breast augmentation so there is an additional cost of around $500.

We here at Lotus Medical International do not believe on providing surgery purely based on cost, the low cost effective surgeries are an absolute bonus. We believe in working with reputable surgeons and providing the upmost quality.