How to pay for your surgery

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Since your surgery is taking place in Thailand, all costs are charged in local currency, the Thai Baht. This means that fluctuations in your local currency can affect the final amount that you may have to pay.

We always communicate costs in Thai Baht as well as in your local currency on the date of enquiry. To avoid fluctuations in currency, some patients benefit by paying for their surgery package before their travel date. In that sense, Lotus Medical can arrange for you to pay at any time.

How to pay the hospital:

Payment for surgery is always made directly to the hospital. Most patients choose to pay the hospital on the day of surgery, as the most convenient way to pay. It is possible to pay by credit card, debit card or travel card. It is also possible to pay the hospital in advance from your home country and if you would like to do this please ask your Lotus Medical representative and they will send you information on how to pay from home.

How to pay Lotus Medical:

If you have booked a surgery package with us then we ask that you pay a $395 deposit upon booking and then you just pay the hospital directly on the day for your surgery.

If you book a surgery package to include your accommodation then we ask for a $500 deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable but if, for any reason, you need to change the date of your surgery we will hold your deposit towards your next surgery date.

If you are booking an accommodation package, once we have received your $500 deposit we will then let you know how much we have received in Thai Baht and this amount will be taken of your total invoiced amount. We then ask that you pay the balance for your accommodation twenty one days before your arrival in Thailand.

The banks in Australia and in other countries charge a lot to change your home currency to Thai Baht. In Thailand the banks have much better rates for currency exchange and this usually saves 10 – 15% of the total cost. We therefore suggest that you always make transfers in your local currency; so for example, it will save you more than 10% of the cost of your package if you send the funds in AUD and don’t allow your bank to change them to Thai Baht at home.

When you are due to pay the balance for the accommodation we will let you know the rate of exchange with our Thai Bank on that day and let you know how much you should therefore send in your home currency.

The easiest payment option is through an international bank transfer to the account shown on the invoice that is sent to you when you book your surgery. Credit card payments are also possible; however our bank in Thailand charges a 4% premium.

How to pay for your flight:

Once our flight expert has booked your trip, she will send you an ECA (electronic customer acceptance), which is an electronic approval of everything in the final cost. Then, just send a copy of your passport and fill out the ECA to pay by credit card or debit card – making payment incredibly convenient.

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