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October 4, 2019by Grainne Farrell

Opting for a tummy tuck procedure can be an intimidating decision to make. This is because it involves time investment that goes to the recovery process and also a financial investment. Normally, a tummy tuck procedure includes a long incision, then skin and fat removal, plication or suturing of abdominal muscles, as well as liposuction. […]

October 4, 2019by Grainne Farrell

After lots of planning for your surgery, the day has finally come. It’s normal to overlook the healing process and only imagine the final results. However, you need to consider the recovery period post-surgery. And by following your surgeon’s instructions and looking after yourself well, you will be back on your normal routine soon enough. […]

October 4, 2019by Grainne Farrell

While liposuction helps improve the shape of your body by ridding it of fat deposits. This procedure is not intended for weight loss. Typically, liposuction is a procedure of choice for people who wish to eliminate localised fat pockets in stubborn areas. The liposuction procedure can be done on your face, thighs, hips, arms, stomach, […]

September 22, 2019by Grainne Farrell

While most cases of and nose reshaping are purely for cosmetic purposes, this procedure can be used in correcting birth defects and fixing injuries. After your rhinoplasty surgery in Thailand, you will experience some pain which should fade relatively fast. To help relieve the pain, many patients report taking pain relievers for several days after […]

September 22, 2019by Grainne Farrell

Rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift, helps improve the visible aging signs caused by effects of sun exposure, stress, and gravity. This surgical procedure involves the removal of excess fat and skin, tightening of the underlying muscles and also re-draping the neck and facial skin. As you plan for your facelift procedure in Thailand, it […]

August 17, 2019by Grainne Farrell

You might have noticed the loss of definition to your jawline due to excess fat tissue or sagging skin and you’d like to restore that youthful look. If that’s you, then a mini facelift might be the thing for you. Learning more about the basic principles of this procedure can help you have an informed […]

August 17, 2019by Grainne Farrell

Having an elegant neck contour will not only give you a youthful appearance but it is associated with health and vitality. Neck lifts are a set of procedures aimed at enhancing how your neck looks. Commonly referred to as a facelift or chin lift, a neck lift will give skin that has lost its elasticity […]

July 14, 2019by admin

Finding the right plastic surgeon is a major factor in ensuring that you have the best results from surgery. Additionally, there are other many considerations you should make while selecting a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, we have simplified the process of choosing the right surgeon for people who are new to cosmetic surgery. So how can […]

July 7, 2019by Grainne Farrell

Different Types of Breast Implants Breast augmentation or Mammoplasty is a procedure intended to increase fullness, shape, or size of breasts. Sometimes patients refer to breast augmentation as a “boob job“. It involves the use of fat transfer or breast implants to enhance the appearance of your breasts. During the procedure, a surgeon places saline, […]

July 2, 2019by Grainne Farrell

While some surgeries are done for reconstructive or medical reasons, many aim to enhance a patient’s aesthetic appearance. This includes several procedures like facelifts, liposuction, brow lift, mammoplasty and tummy tuck. Cosmetic surgery helps tighten and enhance the appearance of the skin, remove or add hair, adjust facial features, and much more. In addition, plastic […]

May 12, 2019by Grainne Farrell

What made you want to become a plastic surgeon? My parents are doctors and my father who is a surgeon inspired me to become a surgeon too. When I was young, I was interested in art and design and I think it’s an advantage to use knowledge of art and design as a plastic surgeon. […]

January 5, 2019by Grainne Farrell

With the rising costs of health care and medical procedures, most patients are looking to get the exact same cosmetic medical procedure in the exact same quality to be done elsewhere outside of Australia. Around 15,000 Australians are heading to Thailand for cosmetic surgery every year to go under the knife in a different country […]