Testimonials and Reviews for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Hi Everyone

I had a full Tummy Tuck 4 weeks ago. I felt comfortable the entire journey even though I was on my own. The hospital took care of every appointment and they were absolutely on time every time. The hospital was absolutely fabulous. Clean, efficient and very professional. The most surprising part of the entire journey was the lack of pain that I experienced. From the moment I woke up from surgery I did not feel any pain. This amazed me! I watched many video’s of other woman explaining the pain after surgery and I could not relate to these ladies at all. I was standing upright on day 2, and left the hospital after 2 nights. I felt so well I even tackled a 6km walk on day 3. I felt fully safe and supported the entire journey. I would recommend Lotus to anyone. 5 STAR!!!

Jennifer Warn, Blacktown – New South Wales – Australia

Where do I start! I was recommended Lotus Medical by a friend and from the start Grainne and Georgina were amazing at getting in contact straight away and sending me everything I needed to know.

I was so unhappy with the lack of communication from Australian Clinics loosing my photos and the extreme rudeness. It was just so refreshing and nice to have Lotus Medical answer all my questions with such a quick response!

I was a little worried about the language barrier and cleanliness in a Thailand hospital but on arrival I was amazed just how professional and clean the hospital was. Phuket International is by far more professional than any Australian Cosmetic Surgery Clinic!

Georgina was also amazing and made everything so much clearer! It was also great knowing I was getting worked on by a world renowned Plastic Surgeon. I can’t wait to see the full results of my reconstructive BA done by Dr Sanguan!!!

Lotus medical also provided me with contacts to an amazing Travel Agent and Surgery Garment Company. There really isn’t anything else you need to worry about!!!

Thank you Lotus Medical I can finally feel so much more comfortable and confident looking at myself in the mirror! ���

Ayla Holden , Sydney – Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment?
In my advice, you could not choose a better company to help you with something so important as a surgical procedure. Without the assistance of the staff here I would have had to smooth over all the finer details as well as preparing myself mentally for surgery. I was met at the hospital and guided through every process. I also saw some other Aussie girls who used other companies struggle with information etc. one was even told she could eat prior to surgery which meant she had to wait another 3 or so hours. I promise you, you will not receive better care. Also highly recommend you pay a little extra for your guide.

Danielle – Breast Augmentation, Australia

I can not fault anything about this company or my surgery or my experience. My host was Charlie which can answer absolutely every question you throw at him. I had my surgery at Phuket International Hospital with Dr Rushapol. Everything was amazing in everyway from the driver that picked me up and dropped me home for every appointment. The nurses where so lovley and amazing. My surgeon was amazing My room was amazing Even the food at the hospital was yummy The morning after my surgery Charlie came and visited me to check that I was doing okay. He was there for my follow up appointment aswell.. So if your thinking about surgery in thailand lotus medical is the company to go through the take all the hussle and stress out of the whole experience.
Haley Swan, Perth, Australia

Just got back from my trip!! I had agent Nemy!! Who from the moment I met her, fell in love with her smile!! My entire surgery was all planned out for me and thanks to lotus i feel beautiful in my own skin!! Thankyou so much for everything!!! You guys not only make dreams come true, allowed me to have such a memorable experience of surgery and thailand, the trip was perfectly planned!! Thanks again!!
Lorraine Hill, Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone, I just had my BA in September. I couldn’t be happier with the result, I feel so much confident about my look. The team of LMI was great, friendly and professional ! My agent was Georgina and I met Graine after my surgery. Georgina was very friendly and answered as many questions as i asked her with as much knowledge possible over the phone since we inquired online and made me feel more confident about the operation. The hospital itself it didn’t look like hospital, it was better!!!! Clean, inviting, lots of lounge chairs. Good looking;-) nurses were dressed to perfection(great uniform) and very professional. Once we arrived to the hospital and after number of tests before seeing a DR Sanguan(one of the best doctors by the way) I had only about 50 minutes to spare before the operation. Then I realized that I wanted to check my breasts before the opp(mammogram)and told my agent about it and she went and fixed the issues, so I had my mammogram like in 5 min time, it was so quick and officiant and results were done in 5 min, so , they could proceed with my operation on time. The opp went well, I couldn’t feel a thing, the hospital staff looked after me very well. The food was lovely and nutritious. So, I really enjoyed my experience in Phuket, would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks to the Lotus Medical International to make things possible:-)
Helen Sergeeva, Ukraine

Were you pleased with the treatment? In my advice, you could not choose a better company to help you with something so important as a surgical procedure. Without the assistance of the staff here I would have had to smooth over all the finer details as well as preparing myself mentally for surgery. I was met at the hospital and guided through every process. I also saw some other Aussie girls who used other companies struggle with information etc. one was even told she could eat prior to surgery which meant she had to wait another 3 or so hours. I promise you, you will not receive better care. Also highly recommend you pay a little extra for your guide.
Danielle – Breast Augentation, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment?  Score out of 10 for the hospital – 10 exceptionally Clean. Score out of 10 for the surgeon – 10 Charming, couldn’t do enough. Score out of 10 for the nursing staff – 10 Kind and helpful. Score out of 10 for surgery – 10 Very happy with everything. Score out of 10 for your Lotus Medical personal assistant – 10 Too much laughter and too much fun!Score out of ten for your overall experience – 20. I thought that it was all going to be much more of an ordeal, actually it was very easy.
Cindy, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I am 3mths post-op and absolutely over the moon with my results! could not have asked for a better outcome. The quote for my operation was correct.Would you recommend the clinic? Highly recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone! Would most definitely use Lotus Medical for any future procedures.Would you return for further treatment? Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Not only was I happy with treatment and all that involved, I also had an amazing holiday for much less than just the procedure at home.
Erin, New Zealand

Were you pleased with the treatment? I undertook breast augmentation in January 2010. Ten months on, I am exceedingly pleased with the results, and have not experienced any problems whatsoever. Recovery post-op was great, I experienced limited immobility and was able to thoroughly enjoy the rest of my stay in Phuket following surgery.Would you recommend the clinic? I would absolutely recommend the clinic, the staff were professional, efficient, friendly and courteous. They were also able to communicate well and made me feel at ease.Would you return for further treatment? My experience was an entirely positive one, and I would have no hesitation in returning for further treatment. I would most certainly recommend this clinic.
Darlene – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? Absolutely THRILLED….has changed my life! And yes, the price charged was the same as the quote.Would you recommend the clinic? This is where it goes from amazing to incredible: compared to private clinics in THREE other first world countries – there is simply no comparison. From arrival at the airport till our personal taxi & friendly drop-off back to the airport 10 days later – the entire experience was five star! To have a qualified, experienced member of the pharmaceutical / medical industry whose 1st language is English (& who completely understood where I was at) – waiting for us in the stunning patients lounge, accompanying us through the consultations and check-in to daily visits was phenomenal…. As for the hospital – well: it was enough to make me want to move there permanently. Felt like I was in a 5 star hotel, was treated like a princess (and long lost family member) and then to top it all – the most brilliant and successful surgery I could ever have wished for. Dr Witoon is a miracle worker!Would you return for further treatment? Can’t wait to go back – already booked into my diary!
Anne, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I’m more than happy with the result, it changed my life. For many years I thought about breast augmentation, Yes or no, I was a little bit scared of the idea! But Grainne from Lotus Medical was really clear about everything and it sounded so good! And it was… I finally made the step. It makes it more easy when you have a good company who knows the selling product and the personal contact that I had during the whole treatment (before and after) was so good, I’m totally happy with the choice that I’ve made. The communication was more than clear, and the staff at the hospital were very friendly, the service was great.Would you recommend the clinic? I would certainly recommend the clinic, there were no communication problems, and the staff was extremely friendly. I think that the hospitals back home couldn’t do better.Would you return for further treatment? At this moment there is no rush for other treatments, I’m only 26 years old, but I will not hesitate in the future to return for further treatments.
Maria – Breast Implants, Thailand

Were you pleased with the treatment? My experience of the clinic was nothing short of excellent. The results are fantastic and they reached far beyond my expectations. The staff are professional , knowledgeable and many are fluent in English. I found the medical staff not only considerate but sensitive to the experience of having surgery in an unfamiliar surroundings, they are supportive and caring. The clinic was of a very high standard, with modern equipment and surroundings., clean and comfortable. All transportation was organised so the stress of arranging taxis to go to and from the hospital was alleviated. The consultation with the doctor prior to the procedure alleviated all my doubts and fears concerning the operation. Would you recommend the clinic? I would recommend the clinic to anyone, and have mentioned it already to several friends who have made the decision to use Lotus Medical and The Bangkok Hospital for their procedure. Would you return for further treatment? Yes I would return to have further treatment. I have already made plans to return to Phuket early next year.
Chris, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? Yes the price is what I was quoted . The Hospital was First Class. Results so far very good ,it’s only been a week since operation so I still have more healing to do.Would you recommend the clinic? Courtesy, The staff were beautiful in all respect.Would you return for further treatment? Very positive I would recommend everybody who wanted something done to get in touch.
Daryl, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? Score out of 10 for the hospital – 10. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The hospital was clean and very presentable.Score out of 10 for the surgeon – 10. He was friendly, helpful and did a great job! It’s reassuring to know that I have his email address if I need to ask any questions in the coming months.Score out of 10 for the nursing staff – 8. The nursing staff were friendly and mostly helpful, when they weren’t it was mainly due to the language barrier.Score out of 10 for your surgery – 10. I am completely happy with the result.Score out of 10 for your Lotus Medical Representative – 10. Thank you for all of your help! You were great and it wouldn’t have been such a great experience without you. Thank you for organising the dentist for us!Overall score – 9.5. I wouldn’t have come to a foreign country without agent representation. I couldn’t recommend Lotus Medical International more highly. Their organisation and personal support was second to none, from the very first enquiry through to the surgery and the support afterwards. Thank you!
 Toni, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? All questions and queries were answered in a polite, patient, prompt, professional, and most importantly fully informative manner.The results from the treatment are greater than expected and further treatments have been booked.
Neil, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I had the best experience at Bumrungrad International Bangkok! The rooms were like a hotel room! the service was great the price is fantastic! the care was amazing.Would you recommend the clinic? Def! I went through Lotus Medical international I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them!Would you return for further treatment? For sure! Over all im quite young and was on the trip by my self If I didn’t have Lotus medical with me it would have not have been the same experience, I never felt alone or like I was a hassle to them I was treated with respect and care, the appointments were always on time the doctor was amazing and so direct it was great he was under standing and it really felt like he care for me! I would recommend this company to everyone
Kristina, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? Very pleased with the result so far (2.5 week post op) swelling and bruising mostly gone from lipo areas and the result is good. Will need to wait another couple of months for the swelling to go away from the Breast area, but so far very pleased. Leigh Breast Lift, Implants & Vaser Lipo, Hong Kong

Were you pleased with the treatment? Excellent service from the moment I emailed my enquiry. Extremely happy with the results of my surgery. Would not want to have had my surgery anywhere else can not recommend them highly enough.
Kelly – Breast Implants, Cairns, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I loved my whole stay and treatment in Bangkok! Dr. Teerasit was absolutely amazing, Bumrungrad Hospital was like a 5 star hotel, I actually miss the nurses that were looking after me! If I ever get anything done again I am definitely going back! Thanks go to Grainne at Lotus Medical who organised it all for me!
Emily – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I was really pleased with the service I received from Lotus Medical in making my appointment and on how to get to the clinic. The treatment itself was done professionally, with the Dr being very reassuring as this was my first Treatment for lines and wrinkles treatment. I would recommend Lotus Medical if you are considering any medical treatments in Thailand. They took all the worry out of the experience for me.
Michael – Botox, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I am really happy now that I have actually gone through with the treatment. I was naturally a little shifty about having cosmetic surgery done in a foreign country, but the second I arrived at the hospital in Phuket, all my worries went right out the window. Everything from that point on has been above and beyond what I had expected. The hospital staff really know what they are doing, as well as Dr.Pongsakorn. I’d say the care I received at the hospital far exceeded the standards in an average Canadian hospital. I’d recommend keeping a stash of about $300 though, in case they make you do a stress test prior to your surgery. Apparently this is quite common, and you should not freak out if they make you do it. If anything it just shows that the hospital is taking all precautions to make sure everything goes smoothly during your surgery. If ever I decide to get any more treatments done, I will for sure go right back to the Bangkok Hospital, Phuket.
Stephanie – Breast Implants, Canada

Were you pleased with the treatment? There is full of kindness, confidence Dr and nurses. During I stay hospital very comfortable there isn’t like hospital. I wanna back to here again!!
Satomi – Plastic Surgeon Consultation , Bangkok, Thailand

Were you pleased with the treatment? I was not sure what to make of the facility until I arrived. I was impressed from the entry way through out the hospital.Everyone and everything was neat clean and the professional of any hospital I have ever seen in 43 years. My doctor was great and meet all my expectations and beyond. I do realize that there will be some swelling but in a nut shell, I would highly recommend this facility. the lady I corresponded with prior to my surgery date. Was simply outstanding, my hats off to her and for all the help she provided me with. Sincerely,
Phillip Phillip – Male Breast Reduction, Baghdad, Iraq

Were you pleased with the treatment? I would like to say that i recommend lotus Medical to anyone wanting to have surgery, me and my husband are so so happy with how my breast surgery turned out and i will be back to get my tummy tuck in a year or so. A big thank you to Grainne Farrell for the work she did in putting my trip to Bangkok together for me and my husband. A big thank you to Johnni and Thip for looking after me while i stayed in Bangkok. Thank you Dr Teerasit for a wonderful surgery result. I Recommend Lotus Medical to anyone wanting to have surgery in Thailand and i promise you wont be Disappointed. Thankyou Lotus Medical International.
Tracey – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I’ve got a lot to share as it took me a long time to find the right place to get my surgery done and I contacted alot of clinics. It really was a tough decision and I need to make the right one as I had heard horror stories so was a little scared. So I just want to share my experience with Lotus Medical International as I am so pleased I went through them as I was put at ease and am so so happy with the results: I’ve just come back from my trip to Thailand where I had a breast lift and implants and an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). I booked through Lotus Medical International and my surgeon was Dr Boonchai Taweerattanasil and was amazed at how fantastic they were. I was so happy with the process from start to finish Grainne and Carl from Lotus Medical International were very informative and supportive and went above and beyond to make sure my surgery went well and that I was comfortable before and after. They kept in regular contact with me before I left Australia and met me at the hospital for my consultation and surgery. They also came to see me after the surgery and gave me a mobile phone to use while I was in Phuket recovering and were in contact with me while I was there. They organised all transfers to and from the airport and hospital. Phuket Hospital where the surgery was performed was world class, I had my own room and actually got to stay overnight after the surgery and for as long as I wanted to. Dr Boonchai Taweerattanasil is an amazing surgeon.. he was very professional and really has done a great job.. I am so happy with the results and would recommend to anyone. Also there wasn’t a blow out in price I was quoted approx $5500 AUD for breast lift and implant and $800 AUD for the blef and that is how much it cost on the day too.
Kerry – Breastlift, Implants, Eyelid surgery, Queensland, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? My experience was nothing short of amazing.From the start to finish. Everybody who I dealt with were professional and the facilities were top notch. I was made felt so comfortable and reassured about the procedure which was important as I had never been to hospital for anything. I recommend it over and over again. Bella – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I am so so happy with the whole experience! I would do it all over again. I recommend Lotus medical to anyone looking to travel to Bangkok for medical treatment. Bumrungrad International Hospital is 5 star! the rooms are fantastic and the level of care from the doctors and nursing staff is absolutely amazing and of the highest standards. A big Thankyou to Grainne for referring me to only the best- Bumrungrad and Dr Teerasit. I wouldn’t have known where to start or what to do without your guidance.
Jenna – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I received the best service from Lotus Medical International, after sending my first email to them and reading all the great reviews online I knew I had made the right choice. Grainne is always there to answer any of my questions and did such a great job putting together my trip, she has been so helpful throughout the whole trip! My surgeon did an amazing job, so happy with my results! And bumrungrad hospital is the nicest hospital I have seen, with such great staff. Thank you Lotus Medical International for everything!
Aaliyah – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? My Treatment went very well. It was well organised and fast! Grainne was friendly, fast responding to any of my questions,honest and helpful. Cathal was also very helpful during my stay in Phuket and was always checking up on me during my recovery. Honestly I could not have had a better experience.
Courtney – Liposuction, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I have no hesitation in recommending Lotus. Having had a breast augmentation procedure at Bumrungrad International Hospital, i can say that the facilities and services available are proffesional and patients are treated with the utmost care. I would personally like to thank Grainne for taking her time in answering questions and queries. I find the information that i was provided via Lotus has been more than helpful and useful during my trip. I believe that Lotus utilises some of the best surgeons in the industry. I am extremely pleased with my results. There were no surprise costs or additional bills either. I would gladly seek consultation with Lotus for any further procedures that i plan on having in the future.
Joy – Breast Implants, Perth, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I found Lotus Medical International on the internet whilst i was doing my research in getting breast augmentation in Thailand. I contacted them and enquired about it and within a few days i was contacted by Grainne and she provided me with all the information that I needed that would help make my decision in getting the surgery done and going through Lotus. Between the time that I enquired and my surgery date, Grainne kept in touch with me via email reassuring that everything was all organised for my trip and surgery and that I had nothing to worry about but to get on the plane. Over all, it was the best thing I had ever done and I would go through it again if I had to. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. LMI made it so easy for me and took away any worries that may have hindered me from getting it done in Thailand. Grainne was also there and supported me all the way through until I left. I had mine done at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket which was fantastic. I was blown away by the hospitality of the nurses and my brilliant surgeon & how much they took care of me before and after my surgery. My results are amazing, nowhere near as painful as I thought. I could not recommend this experience anymore and going through LMI. Grainne is fantastic and very genuine about all the information about the surgery, I have already recommended LMI to my friends who are thinking about this kind of surgery…BRILLIANT!!!
Carmina – Breast Implants, Brisbane, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? FANTASTIC! Right from my enquiry Grainne was very sensitive to my needs and concerns and knows her stuff – even after I’d spent hours on the Internet researching. I was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing but my nerves were calmed as soon as I met Cathal at the clinic. He answered all my questions, was there to ‘hold my hand’ and also knows his medical/surgery stuff. I couldn’t have been happier with the surgeon they recommended too!!!!! Cathal was there to meet me at every appointment, before and after the surgery and also checked in with me by phone in between. I had no concerns of feeling alone and both he and Grainne were great when I had a minor moment of regret just after the surgery. On top of the medical stuff, Cathal was extremely helpful with directions around Phuket from where to do grocery shopping to gyms to vitamin supplementation. I highly recommend Lotus Medical, they will be there for you on your journey in every way! Thank you sooooo much, it couldn’t have been simpler or smoother.
Victoria – Breast Implants, United Kingdom

Were you pleased with the treatment? I was so pleased with the service, the doctors and staff were excellent, I would recommend this clinic again and again, and I have.
Melissa – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I can only speak highly about the service I received from Lotus Medical International. Thank you for everything you have done and for the fantastic job.I had breast augmentation in Aug in Phuket International Hospital. I started my research in early June on the internet. I found a few places where I sent my request to. The quickest response I have got was from Lotus Medical International. The next day my photos were on the way and soon after getting all information I booked my surgery. I was travelling with my boyfriend and spent over 3 weeks in Thailand. They accommodated all our needs by organizing the dates, hospital stay for my boyfriend as well, follow-up appointments and all post surgery questions got answered. On arrival we got picked up and taken to our hotel, and transported always on time to hospital and back. The first appointment with the Dr was on the same day as the surgery approximately 2 hours apart. From arrival to the Phuket International Hospital I knew I was in capable hands. A staff member met us there which I really appreciated as he knew the system so well. Everything was like a clockwork, no hesitation, no waiting around. Meeting the Dr, getting great and precise information on the procedures, picking size was easy and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Boonchai. He explained me pros and cons of all aspects of the surgery, incision type, implants etc. I have visited a plastic surgeon in Australia beforehand ( just to have an idea what to expect) and I have to say the way the Dr presented himself was what I expected. The surgery went really well and the next day I was out of the hospital. We enjoyed our holiday to the fullest the recovery was real fast as promised.Recommend 110%I wish I have done it earlier.
Anita – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? Lotus Medical was absolutely wonderful. The service I received was always prompt and friendly. All of my questions were answered and the team went above and beyond to ensure I was made to feel at ease throughout the booking, consultation and subsequent surgery. I was allocated a helper who met me at the hospital and walked me through the process and what to expect. Thoroughly recommended!
Kirsty – Breast Implants, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? I was extremely happy with the whole process!! – a 10/10!!! It is was incredibly easy , all I had to do was contact Lotus Medical via email (which was the hardest part of all of it) and all the information, quotes, Dr information/credentials, options for accommodation etc were all emailed to me. If I had any questions they were answered quickly. My assistant was very helpful and gave me loads of extra advice on top of everything else and my surgeon was very thorough and explained everything very clearly. All my transfers were on time (if not earlier) and that made the whole process stress free. I highly recommend if you are thinking of going through with it all, to go via Lotus medical , you will not be disappointed and most of all you will feel safe 100% of the time.
Joanna – Breast Implants , Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment? Getting plastic surgery on its own can be a very overwhelming and scary experience. So of course, getting one overseas only adds extra stress. I just wanted to make sure that I would have the best surgeon possible to have the best results. Working with Lotus Medical International not only guaranteed this, but exceeded all my expectations when it came to making my overall experience a positive one. Prior to making the trip, I had so many questions and probably over 100 emails going back and forth. What really made me feel most comfortable was the genuine and attentive responses and support that I got from Grainne. She really made me feel that I was working with someone who really cared about my concerns and tried her best to help with anything I asked. Thanks so much for all your patience and time Grainne, you are awesome!! Upon arriving in Thailand, both Grainne and Cathal were extremely accommodating and flexible to the demands of my needs. From the moment I stepped off the plane, everything was taken care of. All the appointments and arrangements were made and I received an itinerary. Cathal met me at all my appointments to make sure that everything was going smooth and I had everything I needed. I never felt alone- thanks Cathal!! In addition to taking care of all my surgical appointments and follow-ups, both Grainne and Cathal attended to my personal needs and helped with recommendations regarding my travel and vacation in Thailand. Both are extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide help and support with whatever needed. The surgeons are all top-notch and I felt so assured and relieved during the consultation that I was working with the best. Overall, my experience was so amazing and positive. I recommend this to everyone.
Lam, Toronto – Canada

Were you pleased with the treatment? I was very nervous about choosing the right surgeon to work with. The staff at lotus medical where so genuine and really took care of me. They answered all of my questions and went out of their way to insure that I had the best experience possible. The hospital is world class and they even gave us a free room upgrade. Unlike Many companies who promise things on their websites that they cannot deliver, Lotus Medical provided one of the very best surgeons in the world, Dr. Sripanidkulchai, MD.,F.A.C.S. The results are amazing to say the least. If anyone reading this is considering who to use to facilitate their surgery, I recommend Lotus Medical whole heartedly. They set the standard so high I would find it hard to believe that any other company in Thailand would be able to surpass it. Excellent!
Onrawan – Breast Implants, Phuket – Thailand

I was recommended over to Lotus Medical via a friend who was extremely happy with her surgery. From beginning to end, I found both Lynsey and Grainne to be unbelievably helpful and responsive to all questions regarding my surgery. I flew over on my own which was very daunting, however, having everything pre arranged through Lotus Medical made the whole experience so easy for me. Having Lynsey at all of my appointments was like having a close girlfriend by my side and just made me feel so comfortable. I am so grateful I went though this company and would (and have been) recommending them to everyone.

My surgeon, Dr. Sanguan, was also absolutely amazing! Not pushy in any of his recommendations, but made all suggestions very clear for me to understand and let me come up with my own decision on what type of surgery was best. He also had a great sense of humour and made me feel so comfortable through the whole process. Again, I would be recommending him to everyone.

Now 8 weeks post op, feeling great!

Krystal Freeman – Victoria, Australia

Dr Narupon is amazing ? Lotus medical were so helpful and arranged everything for me ! Super easy ♥️

Kawati Baker

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