Breast Augmentation: Tips For Safe And Healthy Recovery

Breast Augmentation: Tips For Safe And Healthy Recovery

October 4, 2019 by Grainne Farrell

After lots of planning for your surgery, the day has finally come. It’s normal to overlook the healing process and only imagine the final results. However, you need to consider the recovery period post-surgery. And by following your surgeon’s instructions and looking after yourself well, you will be back on your normal routine soon enough. But, a smooth recovery might depend on a few factors, like how ready you are to give yourself time to heal during the first critical days.

Here are some tips to help you have a healthy recovery period after having your breast augmentation surgery in Thailand.

Plan for some help

Although recovery after breast augmentation is not very difficult, you still have undergone major surgery. Consequently, for the initial few days, you’ll be tired and sore. For six weeks, avoid doing the heavy lifting, including picking up a child under 20 pounds. Also, avoid driving until you’ve finished taking all narcotic pain medication. Consider scheduling for some help with the kids and household chores for your first 24 – 72 hours. Simply having a relative or friend stop by every day to check on you can be helpful.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Fight the urge to indulge in any strenuous activity during the first week following your breast augmentation procedure. Avoid stretching and bending over for about a week post-surgery. And, though it might be difficult, try to sleep in an upright position to help with faster recovery. It is not advisable to sleep on your stomach for about 14 days after your breast augmentation procedure. Avoid exercises like weight lifting post-surgery for about 4 weeks. Be sure to consult with your doctors about the right time to start your exercising routine.

Manage pain properly

You are likely to have mild to moderate discomforts soon after your breast augmentation surgery. Some patients might feel tightness and pressure across their chests. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe several days of pain medications to make it more comfortable for you during your early days of recovery. However, most patients find that after their first post-operation day, they only need over-the-counter pain medication. You should fill your prescribed medications ahead of the breast augmentation day. This way you will have your medication at hand when you experience nausea or pain.

Monitor your incision

It’s important that you keep your incision dry. Avoid getting any creams or liquids to settle in the incisions as this can result in irritation and inflammation. As you heal, you will use antibiotics prescriptions given by your surgeon. Therefore, make sure you complete the whole prescription. Monitor your temperature now and then to check that you don’t have a fever, which could indicate having an infection.

Get lots of rest and sleep

Getting sufficient rest during the breast augmentation recovery period is highly recommended. Arrange to have a quiet area set aside, and a comfy bed to rest in, especially for your first few days post-surgery. Make sure you have lots of pillows to allow you to prop yourself up for added comfort. Some books, magazines and DVDs can help you pass time. With enough rest and sleep, you will soon be walking and slowly regain your strength. Above all make sure you relax, listen to your body, and get lots of sleep as you heal.

Recovery Time

Keep in mind that the actual period of recovery after any surgery will differ from person to person, and breast augmentation surgery is no exception. You may have a recovery period of 24 to 48 hours post-surgery plus a 5-day period that is recommended for relaxing and rest. It is normal for a patient to feel sore and swollen post-surgery for several days. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with some instructions on how to care for your body after surgery. However, always ask your specific questions which can include the pain medications you can use, both applied and oral, stitches, changing dressing/ bandages, and also the time you need before you resume exercises and your normal activities.

Eat Healthy and Dink Lots of Water

Before going in for your breast augmentation procedure, ensure that you have stocked your kitchen with plenty of water and some easy to prepare foods. For your first post-operation day, toms”>you might feel nauseous from the anaesthesia or you might not feel like eating anything. Therefore, soft and light foods can work well for you. Also, ensure that you have a variety of healthy foods on hand that can give the body strength and energy to heal over the weeks to come. It’s very easy to get dehydrated during the recovery period, so be sure to drink plenty of water.

Carefully follow your doctors, instructions to help you have a smooth recovery experience. Healing from any kind of surgery may be unpleasant, but once the pain and swelling subside you can resume your normal routine much easier than ever and with a boost of confidence.