Boob Job in Thailand

Boob Job in Thailand for Birthdays? What Your Significant Other REALLY Wants to Get You

How many times have you wondered what your significant other REALLY thinks about your body? How does he really feel about your quirks and curves? What would he tell you if he didn’t have to worry about hurting your feelings? It’s a touchy subject – one that not many men or women would like to openly discuss.

According to a Daily Mail article, their research reveals that a whopping 24% of men would like their partner to undergo plastic surgery to improve her looks! While liposuction topped the list at 57%, a boob job in Thailand wasn’t far behind at 49%! Even though men admitted to thinking this, only 12% said they would actually ever tell their partner.

As expected, over half of the respondents said they didn’t want to tell their partner for fear of hurting her feelings.

So what does this mean for women? Does this mean we should all run out and book a Thailand boob job today? NO! It simply gives us question for pause. At Lotus Medical, some clients are hesitant to discuss Thailand boob jobs with their significant other for fear of their reaction. They worry that they will instantly dismiss the idea as superficial and silly. This is not true.

What if you and your partner were wishing for the same thing and you didn’t even realize it? What if you both wanted breast augmentation but you were both too afraid to broach the subject?

What if your partner would be supportive if he knew breast augmentation would improve your self-esteem and sexual well-being but didn’t want to bring it up for fear of being labeled a “typical guy just after bigger boobs?”

While we here at LMI advocate self-love and a positive self-image, we realize that none of us were born perfect. We each have areas of our bodies we’d like to improve. If you feel that a breast augmentation is right for you, swallow your pride and at least broach the subject with your partner. You may just be surprised by his thoughts.