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Does your chin recede or jut out? Does your face feel and look out of balance? Maybe a chin reduction or implant is the answer to making your face look more in proportion. A receding chin can make the face look out of proportion and can really affect self -confidence. A chin implant can build out a receding chin and give a stronger more defined jaw line.

A chin which juts out can cause imbalance in the face and again be a source of frustration. In this case the chin can be reduced to give the face better symmetry.

Chin augmentation is often combined with other facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty or a face lift to make the face appear more in proportion and in balance.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Anyone who has a receding chin and who is unhappy with how it looks.
  • Anyone who has a chin that juts out and who would prefer a smaller chin.
  • Anyone who is unhappy with the size or shape of their chin.
  • For people who may be having other types of facial surgery such as rhinoplasty to create an overall more proportionate look.


People who have this surgery find that it  improves the overall balance of the face. This often has a huge impact on self-confidence and well being.

Before you decide on whether or not to have this surgery you will have a consultation with your surgeon to decide exactly what look you want. On the day of the surgery your surgeon will come to meet you to answer any questions that you may have.

During chin augmentation the surgeon will place an implant in the chin from inside the mouth or below the chin. Fine dissolvable sutures are used to keep the implant in place and there should be no visible scarring as a result of the surgery.

For a chin reduction the bone on the chin is filled down to create a better shaped chin. Either surgery will last between 1 – 2 hrs and will require a general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital.

Initially you may experience a slight numbness for a few days during which time it may feel strange to eat, drink, talk and yawn. There may be some bruising and swelling which will subside 1-2 weeks after surgery. It is best to eat soft food during this time.

We advise that you do not fly for 10 days after surgery. You will have a consultation with your surgeon before you go home. Once you get home it should be fine to return to work. You should not do any exercise for 2 weeks and avoid any facial contact for 6 weeks or contact sport for 3 months.

Chin augmentation is generally done without complications. All surgery however does carry an element of risk. Complications can include an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic, bleeding, infection or clot formation. These risks are minimised by experienced surgical technique, specialist care and by using highly qualified surgeons and nursing staff.

The risks are also minimised by making sure that you are in good general health before your operation. Your consultation with your surgeon will give you advice on how best to achieve this as well as letting you know f any risks which may apply to you.

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