When having nose surgery with Lotus Medical in Thailand you will only be referred to a surgeon who is a rhinoplasty specialist. This type of surgery is also referred ro as nose augmentation, rhinoplasty and in some cases a ‘nose job’. Rhinoplasty surgery really needs a specialist surgeon as it is one of the more difficult types of cosmetic surgery to perform.

When having nose surgery in Thailand you will be referred by Lotus Medical to a surgeon who has decided to specialise in this type of surgery and who also has a lot of experience with this rhinoplasty.

When performing rhinoplasty the surgeon may manipulate the bone and catriliage to change the size, shape and definition of the nose. The nostrils can also be reduced with a procedure known as alarplasty. It is even possible for a rhinoplasty surgeon to raise the bridge of the nose when performing a ‘nose job’. This type of rhinoplast, where a silicone stent is placed in the nose, is most often done in Asian patients as they quite often have a flat bridge on their nose.

Changing the shape of the nose can really alter your overall look by adding more symmetry, balance and better proprtions to the face. All of our specialist rhinoplasty surgeons are trained in the best way to shape the nose and nostrils to give your nose and therefore your entire face the best overall look.

When you complete an online consultation our surgeons will let you know which type of rhinoplasty is best for you and how they would plan to do your surgery.