Different Kinds of Breast Implants In the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Different Kinds of Breast Implants In the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

July 7, 2019 by Grainne Farrell

Different Types of Breast Implants

Breast augmentation or Mammoplasty is a procedure intended to increase fullness, shape, or size of breasts. Sometimes patients refer to breast augmentation as a “boob job“. It involves the use of fat transfer or breast implants to enhance the appearance of your breasts.

During the procedure, a surgeon places saline, silicone, or alternative composite implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Typically, on average implants last between 7 to 12 years.


What are breast implants?

Breast implants are medical prosthesis’ that are placed inside the breasts to reconstruct, augment, or create a physical form of your breasts. Implants may contain saline, silicon, or another compound.

Since there are different choices to make regarding the style of the implant, it is critical that you discuss the options available to you with your surgeon.


Different types of breast implants available

Saline breast implants

The saline breast implants contain sterile salt water. That means in case the saline implant’s shell leak, the saline gets absorbed and then expelled naturally by the body.

The saline breast implants give a uniform firmness, shape, and feel. They are also FDA-approved for breast augmentation in women from age 18 years and older.


Silicone breast implants

These implants have silicone gel which feels similar to natural breast tissue. Should the silicone implant leak, this gel might remain inside the implant shell or it could escape into the breast pocket. Leaking breast implants containing the silicone gel will not typically collapse.

When you opt for silicone implants, it is advisable that you regularly visit your plastic surgeon to ensure that the implants function properly. MRI screening or an ultrasound can be used to determine the condition of your breast implants. These implants are FDA-approved for breast augmentation in women aged between 22 years or older.


Structured saline breast implants

The structured breast implants contain sterile salt water and have an inner structure that aims to make your implants feel more natural.


Gummy bear breast implants

These form-stable breast implants are sometimes known as gummy bear implants since they retain their shape even after the breast implant shell has broken. The silicone gel consistency inside this implant is much thicker than that of the traditional silicone gel breast implants. Additionally, these implants are firmer than traditional implants.

The shaped gummy-bear implants are tapered towards their top with more projection at its bottom. When a shaped breast implant rotates, it could give an unusual appearance to the breast which might require a different procedure to correct. Surgical procedure for gummy bear implants placement requires slightly longer incisions in the skin.


Round breast implants

The round breast implants tend to make breasts look fuller than the form-stable implants. And higher profile implant options can offer you even more projection.

Since round implants have the same form all over, there is little to worry about should they rotate out of place.


Textured breast implants

The textured implants create scar tissue to help stick to the implants, thus they will not move around in the breast and get repositioned.

Usually, texturing has some advantage as it diminishes the risk of getting tight scar capsules.


Smooth breast implants

The smooth breast implants have the softest feel and can move in the breast implant pocket. These tend to have a more natural movement. The smooth breast implants will have some visible or palpable rippling under your skin.


What To Expect

Breast augmentation is a surgery, therefore patients should think carefully before choosing a specific procedure. The breast implants can go over or under the pectoral muscle.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, the surgeon should assist their patients in picking the right size of the breast implants. This is achievable by placing different sized breast implants into a bra, to get a feel.

During the procedure, a general anaesthetic is used, to keep the patient asleep. On occasion, local anaesthetic may be used, and a patient remains awake.


Wrapping up

Occasionally, implant manufacturers introduce new types and styles of breast implants, meaning there might be additional options currently available.

Whether you opt for silicone or saline implants, it is essential that you monitor your implants and visit your plastic surgeon regularly for appropriate checkups.