Tips On Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon For You

Tips On Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon For You

July 14, 2019 by admin

Finding the right plastic surgeon is a major factor in ensuring that you have the best results from surgery. Additionally, there are other many considerations you should make while selecting a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, we have simplified the process of choosing the right surgeon for people who are new to cosmetic surgery. So how can you find the right plastic surgeon for your procedure? Here’s how:

1. Talk to family members, friends, and acquaintances who have had procedures done to get some recommendations. Consider those closest to you. And if you’re comfortable, contact them for advice. Family members or trusted friends will provide you with an honest sum-up of the whole process, from consultation to the surgical procedure itself and the recovery process.

Also, ask around for connections. Starting with acquaintances or friends of friends who might be working in health care, for instance, a physician assistant, nurse, or nurse practitioner. Contact our friendly staff to find out about our qualified certified surgeons,

2. Research by reading up reviews of plastic surgeons.

Today, many people visit the Internet before deciding on a surgeon for procedures such as liposuction . With knowledge comes power, so why not read some reviews to have a feel of past patients’ experiences. This can also help you know how each surgeon ‘operated,’ for both out and in the operating room. How about joining online breast augmentation and plastic surgery forums? Check out social media for help with locating a suitable surgeon for instance for breast augmentation. This can be helpful since women share their different experiences; from research phase up-to one year after surgery. Such forums can help you know what to expect, and even help you narrow your options.

Note: While social media feedback by patients can be a wonderful resource, but they can equally be sources of misinformation. With that said, be sure to do more research to help make informed choices for your surgery.

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  1. Always work with a surgeon who’s polite, helpful and well-qualified

As you ask questions, look out for red flags. The important and obvious one is the surgeon’s bedside manners. Your plastic surgeon should be a medical professional who offers objective and accurate information about your surgical procedures, to help you make an informed consent. A plastic surgeons should also give you information about the procedure you are considering and answer questions exhaustively; Encourage you as you consider surgery to share your opinions and thoughts on surgery and also listen to you; Share possible alternative treatment information where applicable; Detail clearly the potential risks of the surgery and the probability of them occurring; Let patients decide if to or not undergo surgery.

It’s important to prepare a list of questions for your plastic surgeon and take notes during a consultation so that you don’t forget the answers. There are those who are concerned that they’ll offend a surgeon with such questions. But on the contrary, qualified surgeons welcome questions concerning their own experience that can help people make informed choices about undergoing a procedure.

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4. Verify the qualifications of each surgeon you interview

Before going for your consultation, make sure a surgeon checks off all the important boxes showing that they are fully qualified to carry out your desired procedure. Some doctors call themselves ‘aesthetic surgeon,’ ‘cosmetic surgeon,’ or ‘aesthetic medicine specialist,’ but they are still not plastic surgeons. Such practitioners can offer “non-invasive” procedures, like injectables (Botox, Juvederm, etc.), chemical peels, laser treatments, or dermabrasions. Though different by treatment, most non-invasive procedures may be done by non-MDs like physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and aestheticians under a doctor’s supervision. Note that ‘non-invasive’ does not mean 100% safe. These procedures do have side-effects thus it advisable you be in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon who will recognise and manage problems should they occur.

Also, ensure that the candidates you choose are well-trained in the area of concern. Let’s say you’re looking for a surgical procedure—like minimising a scar to a nose job, liposuction, or face-lifts—it’s imperative you get a surgeon who is certified and has a reliable and trustworthy history of success.

5. Take your time and listen to your gut.

If you don’t feel comfortable, even when you can’t pinpoint the exact reason, don’t go through with the procedure, to that office, or doctor.

Since the relationship you share with your surgeon is a personal and private one. It thus requires the right fuse of personalities and kind of connection to make the right match. With this in mind, patients and experts agree that not rushing the process is key. This is someone you will share your concerns with—of which some you might not share with a partner or spouse. Also, narrow down your list to three surgeons and only work with the one that feels right for you.

6. Ensure the office/facility is spotless and the staff are friendly.

It is important that you feel comfortable in the facility or office you’ll be having your procedure. No patient wants to find themselves in a situation where they feel ignored, neglected, or taken advantage of. Whether it’s in a big hospital or a small centre, you should not feel anxious or tense due to the look of that place, smell or the staff’s personality.

If you have any questions about plastic surgery, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team here at Lotus Medical. The above points are important points of consideration we recommend for all new patients and our team here want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.