How to plan for liposuction or any surgery abroad

How to plan for liposuction or any surgery abroad

July 29, 2016 by Grainne Farrell0

Be prepared to be flexible

Be prepared for the specifics of your treatment plan to change after your face to face consultation with your surgeon. Although, our clients more than often are able to stick to their initial treatment plan, which was provided after a free online consultation. Our surgeons are very experienced in offering online consultations and give extremely accurate feedback. This said, the surgeon’s recommendation may not fit in with your preferences therefore a new treatment plan and quote could be drawn up on the day of your surgery. This is common for surgeries such as breast augmentation and liposuction. Often the size, shape and placement of your breast implants will be different to what you original thought you would want or need. Liposuction is sometimes not possible in the areas where you wish to have it as the surgeons may think that there is not enough fat to be removed. Our surgeons will always strive to achieve the client’s desired outcome. However, they will only perform surgeries that are suitable or safe for the client.

Follow the pre surgery advice and guidelines 

You will be asked not to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to your surgery time. You should also cease smoking or consuming alcohol, as well as taking dietary supplements, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and vitamins at two weeks prior to your surgery. If you are taking any other medications you should notify us before travelling to Phuket. This applies to all surgeries for example surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery and liposuction.

Taking time off work

Your surgeon will recommend a length of stay in Phuket that is needed for you to have the surgery and recover before flying back home. You will need to request this time off from work and account for the days spent travelling to and from Phuket. You may also want to consider taking a few extra days off after returning home to continue to recover fully before returning to work. If your work involves strenuous activity, speak to your surgeon and seek advice on a recommended date to return to work.

Travelling solo?

Travelling to a foreign country alone to have surgery can seem daunting. This is why at Lotus Medical we provide you with your own English speaking medical host, who is on hand throughout your whole trip. Your medical host will meet you at the hospital for each of your appointments and check up on you the days following your surgery. You will be given a mobile phone to contact us with whilst you are staying in Phuket. We will fully support you throughout your surgical holiday so you will not feel alone. If you have any concerns after you leave the hospital and return to your hotel, we are just at the end of the phone. We will also arrange all of your transfers to and from the airport, hospital and hotel. Many clients will travel with a partner or friend but still benefit hugely from being fully supported by Lotus Medical.

Rest up

You will find you get tired easily in the days following your surgery so don’t expect to be out exploring, sightseeing and shopping. Rest is very important in recovery. Depending on which time of the year you visit Phuket the weather can be very hot and humid. Keeping your incision clean and dry is imperative to avoiding infection or a delay in the healing process. This is most important for surgeries such as liposuction of tummy tuck surgery where you may be required to wear full support garments.  It is advised to not be out in the sun for too long or to go swimming. If you would like time to explore Phuket, swim and sunbathe, do this in the days prior to your surgery.


If you are travelling solo a small carry-on suitcase with wheels is a good idea as you will not be able to lift any heavy bags after having surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Ask for help when stowing your bags on the plane.

Travel and medical insurance

When travelling abroad most people buy a travel insurance policy which insures them against things like theft, accidents and flight delays. If deciding to have medical or dental procedures overseas it can be a good idea to combine travel insurance with a type of medical insurance that insures you if having elective medical procedures overseas. Lotus Medical has looked at many of these insurance packages and can advise you on a very comprehensive package that can be tailored to your specific needs.