Boob Greed… Fact or Fiction

Boob Greed… Fact or Fiction

January 20, 2016 by Grainne Farrell0



If you are current in the middle of exploring all about breast augmentation, you will have certainly come across the expression boob greed.

We read lots bout the boob greed trends, this is where post operation breast augmentation patients wish they had decided to have a bigger bust. Is it a situation that most women finds themselves in?

Boob Greed Survey

A popular cosmetic surgery forum, Plastic Surgery Forum Australia, asked their community if they could choose again would they choose a bigger implant, smaller implant or the same size. The results were surprising.

  • 52.63%said they would choose a bigger breast implant
  • 5.265%said they would have chosen a smaller breast implant
  • 42.11%said they would have chosen the same breast implant

It is obvious that the boob greed fiend is maybe real and if you have been contemplating the variation between the two sizes it would be sensible to keep this in mind.  Nevertheless, we are all unique and you should possibly ask yourself, would you rather be bigger than anticipated or smaller.



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