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Every time I hear the word, “Exercise,” I cringe. I am lazy. I am not sporty. I dislike going to the gym to workout. I know it’s bad for me to write this, and it took a lot of courage for me to admit it, but honesty and experiences are my motivation to write a blog. People always ask me how I maintain my figure. Why my tummy is flat. I never bent the truth with my answers, “I don’t eat a lot. Sometimes I starve myself.” Answers which I know most people will respond with. “Oh that’s bad for your health!” Often without letting me complete my answer. When I wanted to add an additional part of, “I don’t eat a lot of cakes, burgers, fries, chocolate, meat, pasta or pizza.” I believe I just sighed. Yes, I gave up the precious happy foods. Imagine if you’re having the pre-menstrual syndrome, grumpy, moody, and craving a lot. Unfortunately, I cannot eat those because I am scared of getting fat. It is pure torture. But then again, I have to control it, or else I’ll have to say goodbye to my bikinis, my skinny jeans, and my fitted dress. Most women desire to have a flat tummy! This fact explains why Tummy Tuck Thailand is becoming more and more popular as a solution to those with a need for it.

Believe me, I wanted to be sporty; a person who loves going to the gym. I wanted to do sit-ups, curl-ups, push-ups, and the full workout. But I just can’t. My lifestyle, my flexibility, my surrounding and my attitude made me choose to be strict on my diet, on my food intake. Maybe now that I am still young, my body, my metabolism and my skin’s elasticity are helping me a lot to achieve my flat tummy without going to the gym. But I know aging and pregnancy would change my body a lot, reminding me that I will not be forever this slim. Sooner or later, I will have saggy, loose skin around my tummy, and I know for sure that I won’t like it. It’s a bit unsettling to think about it, but I found out that I wasn’t the only one who’s concerned about this issue. People are becoming interested about considering a, “Tummy-Tuck,” which doctors call “Abdominoplasty.” Tummy-Tuck Thailand is becoming popular for women who have had several pregnancies, and the procedure was useful for tightening their abdominal muscles, as well as reducing excess skin. It is also an option for men or women who were once obese and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly. I have had countless encounters with women who are very much interested about this procedure. In particular, mothers who wanted to have their figure back and regain their confidence, as well as clients who have had the surgery, and it was successful with a fast recovery.

For now, I would stick on my diet or eating habit and would try or maybe drag myself to the gym since I am still young and exercise could still do a lot of good things on my body. But once I will have my own family: a man, children, a career, I know for sure that it will not be easy to maintain my flat tummy. Too much flab, or excess skin that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise is bound to happen. Would I be scared about that? Well, Tummy-Tuck Thailand will be my option.



Tummy Tuck Thailand




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Facelift Thailand

Facelift Thailand – set back the years

I love to put pink blush on with sparkly lip gloss and make up. But what I love the most are those products which make me look young. This is a habit that’s hard for me to break! Every time I’m in a shopping mall, I spend a lot of time in the skin care department. I have spent more money buying facial wash, moisturizer, sunblock, lipgloss, blush on, toner, scrub, and more, than any other personal needs. Sometimes, they need to pull me away from the skin care department because I just can’t stop. Not from buying, but from reading all the labels of the products I wanted to choose. It’s not that I am Miss Skin-Care-Shop-a-holic… Well, maybe. But the reason why I love skin care products is that I am scared to look old and have a wrinkled, saggy-skin face. Excuse me for being blunt, but this is honestly what I think to myself. I’m my own worst critic. Please don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against people who have embraced aging, for, I hope I can be like them, by not being fearful of how old I look. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who is anxious of aging, of looking old. I am guessing that I am not the only person feeling guilty here.I freak out every time I am having a pimple break out; it makes me nervous to that point at which I want to cure it as soon as possible. I am even scared to prick it because I don’t want any marks on my face. How much more self conscious would it make me if it’s wrinkles I have to worry about? I can’t even give my full trust to a dermatologist because, “What if it will get worse?” One thing I don’t understand about myself is that I love choosing what products will I use. This can be risky, because I’m not a professional, but maybe it will be easier for me to blame my self if something goes wrong, rather than have a fight with the dermatologist.

When I heard about Facelift Thailand, I was extremely curious. My brain won’t stop asking “Who would want to have an invasive surgery involving their entire face?” A brow lift, neck lift, and rhinoplasty are just part of the head/face that could easily be done. But, a full facelift? A cosmetic surgical operation to remove unwanted wrinkles by tightening the skin of the face? That’s a lot of hours inside the operating room. I got scared about the thought of it, knowing how anxious I would get when I’m dealing with something simple like my pimples! A facelift would make my knees weak.

At first, I was apprehensive about women from across the world, traveling only to have a facelift from Thailand. I felt that because, as I mentioned before, there’s a serious care I have concerning how my face looks. But when I started working with Lotus Medical International and directly handled facelift clients, my fear turned into admiration. This country can really give you the, “Fountain of Youth.” Facelift Thailand has a proven track record in quality and mastery of the procedure with skillful, competent, and brilliant surgeons every step of the way. The recovery is not as easy as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, or brow lifts. However, as long as the clients are well informed about the recovery phase, the Medical Team has set proper expectations regarding how long before the face would adjust, the client is physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared, “The Fountain of Youth” can be reached. All our clients are very satisfied, and have had wonderfully positive results; their feedback made Facelift Thailand become popular. Sometimes, I just find myself gazing at our clients, forgetting what am I supposed to say because I am in awe of them. I say to myself, “Why would people still chase the legend of the Fountain of Youth in the mythical land of Bimini, if they can have it here in Phuket, Thailand?”


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Phuket Breast Augmentation

Having a support system is very important during surgery.  It’s really uplifting to have someone beside you when you have changes in your body image process.  I admire the mothers accompanying their daughters for the procedure, for I would do the same thing for my daughter.  I also admire the women going alone to Phuket for breast augmentation; she is Miss Independent! Whew!

Being a woman with a partner, I love seeing a couple handling the entire process of the surgery.  Seeing how supportive a man could be for her partner’s breast augmentation is really amazing, inspiring, and intriguing.  I know that some men like bigger breasts, others are fine with normal size, some just really don’t care about it.  I was fascinated because I once asked my partner about how he would feel if I’d had breast augmentation surgery.  He said, “You look fine, but it is up to you.”  A short phrase, but it gave me endless ‘What-if’s…’  This was intriguing because I was curious as to who made the decision?  Does the woman convince her partner?  Does the man convince his partner?  This was quite the conundrum; something which I should not be bothered with.  But then again, I am woman.  There’s just something in our brain in which we simply cannot stop thinking about these sort of scenarios and outcomes.

Without a doubt, Phuket Breast Augmentation is the best.  It would absolutely provide you the best surgeons, the best hospitals, and It would give you 100% of the confidence you are wanting to have.

The most important decision to make is not about choosing the size, or if they will be round or tear drop, or choosing the surgeon.  Surprisingly, it is, “Do I really want this?”  Your partner will appreciate the fact the you wanted to change a part of you because you know it will make him happy.  But the most important question is: “DO I REALLY WANT THIS?”  It may be a little bit harsh, but let’s accept the fact that relationships come and go, when things don’t work out, how they are supposed to. When good things never last, we tend to post blame.  It will be hard to do something that you never liked and have a regret afterward, along with emotional and psychological damages. The point here is that it is really important that it was YOU who decided to change a part of your body.  It was YOU who wanted it for so long. It was YOU who dreamt about it.  It was YOU who badly needs it.  You will never know how long your partner will be by your side, but you know that your body will never ever leave you.

Phuket Breast Augmentation can do magic for your appearance such as: posture, body shape; and for your confidence in knowing you will look fantastic!  But for emotional and psychological aspects, you’ll be responsible for that.  Changing something inside yourself means courage, and when you find that courage, you will be psychologically and emotionally prepared for the NEW You. Before making the decision, ensure that you think about it deeply, and ask yourself, “DO I REALLY WANT THIS FOR ME?” Having regret is not a wonderful feeling. Remember there is no “UNDO” button (like computers) which will automatically bring you back to the way as it was before. In Aesthetic field, Undo means another surgery. Once you have discussed to your significant other about what will make YOU happy and, the final decision and the answer is, “YES,” Lotus Medical International will gladly be here to support you all the way.


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breast implants Phuket

Another wonderful Patient Testimonial by Mother and Daughter, Cheryl and Danielle, from Australia who came to Phuket for Breast Augmentation last week.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have never met us before and you not only helped us like never imagined you also became an instant best friend and we are so VERY grateful. I sincerely believe that we would not have gone ahead with the surgery without your support and genuine care for our well being and needs! Overjoyed with the results, Thank You so much Lotus Medical Team.”


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thailand boob jobMerry Xmas Eve everyone. Every testimonial receive is like a christmas present to us. We would like to thank all who have took some time to share their thoughts and experiences with getting your Boob Job Thailand, and booking it through us at Lotus. Just sharing another Written Testimonial today from Naomi, Australia…

“Dear Lotus, I would like to thank the Lotus team for everything you done for me regarding surgery. Charlie was fabulous, and absolutely invaluable in the whole process, especially as I was there on my own.

My recovery has gone well, a little tender at times, but I am pretty much back to normal, I am looking forward to getting back to exercise and my beloved pump classes again.

Thank you for everything, and please thank Charlie again for me.. I love my new TWINS!….”


She loves her new Twins! Great…. Thank you Naomi for sharing your thoughts, you have a new set of twins for Christmas, and we have your lovely words in return. We wish you all the best. We hope everyone has a lovely Eve… Lotus

And if you or anyone you know is interested in boob job, Thailand is one of the worlds top destinations with some of the best surgeons known.


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Thai Cosmetic Surgeon body-shape-treatment-areas

Human beings are creatures of novelty; ever since the first cosmetic surgery center was opened and the ability to change your appearance with just a few strokes by a surgeon and some swipes of a credit card was made available to the masses, people have flocked to these buildings en mass.   Thailand cosmetic surgeons who are excellent in their craft easily grow a following of loyal women who would return time and time again to get their procedures done.

In Thailand, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available is breast augmentation. In a country where one’s social status can be made or broken by one’s physical appearance, it’s not hard to see why women would go out of their way to be able to stand out in terms of beauty and perfection.

At present, rounded gel implants are the only ways that are approved for public use, although there is a gaining movement to allow shaped breast implants to be available for public usage. In the United States, trials for cohesive anatomically-correct breast implants are currently undergoing trials to see if they are fit for public use. The current shape of breast implants is the result of five different generations. Over the years, the shape, material, texture, and strength of breast implants have changed and improved, and have resulted to the breast implant of today.

Again, the human craving for novelty surfaces as women are looking for differently-shaped breast implants, other than the round implants that are available currently. A survey in March 2013 showed that women with round breast implants are equally satisfied compared to women with shaped breast implants.  This result surprised one well-known Thailand cosmetic surgeon, who had anticipated that women with rounded breast implants would be more satisfied compared to those without them.

A Thai cosmetic surgeon mentioned that when it comes to breast augmentation, appearance will always give way to safety, and that patient safety should always come before any concerns of aesthetics.


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With the growing acceptance of cosmetic surgeries, it is becoming more normal for women to improve their figures after the changes that can happen as a result of pregnancy. In fact, one of our Thailand plastic surgeons says that up to 30 % of women in his surgery come to him because they want to correct their post-pregnancy body.

He emphases that before any cosmetic surgery there has to be a recovery period after pregnancy so the body has time to stabilize. “This period can vary from twelve to twenty-four months,” he clarifies. “I would not advise any cosmetic work within a year after a child birth. Mommy’s additionally need to bear in mind that they will require assistance after her surgery as for a period of time they will struggle picking up their baby.’

According to our figures, the top three cosmetic procedures for this group of women are breast enhancement, abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and liposculpture.



cosmetic surgery after pregnancy



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We always seem to be talking and woman and their breasts, but what about men?

Up to 70 percent of men in early to mid-puberty experience a condition called Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is when breasts become enlarged in boys or men. It is usually the result of a hormonal imbalance or weight gain and typically occurs during mid- to late-life. This condition often causes low self-esteem and depression. Now with Lotus Medical International, we have found an affordable and safe way to treat this common problem in men.

By sending photos and a brief medical summary to us, we will ask one of our qualified plastic surgeons to determine whether male breast reduction surgery is needed. The procedure involves removing fat and or glandular tissue from the male breasts, resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer, and better contoured.

Male breast reduction surgery can be done by the surgeon cutting and removing the tissue or by using liposuction. In a typical procedure, the incision is made on the edge of the areola and will be barely visible once the incision has healed. The surgeon removes the excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from around the areola and from the sides and bottom of the breast. If liposuction is used to remove excess fat, a cannula (a small metal tube) is usually inserted through the existing incisions.

You’ll be swollen and bruised for after surgery but since the surgeon will require you to spend 1 week in Thailand for recovery, by the time you return home you will be well on your way to looking and feeling great.

For more information please contact us on: [email protected]


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Lotus Medical International


Why don’t you ask your significant other to spoil you this valentines, or even spoil yourself in getting the breasts you have always wanted.

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