Thai Cosmetic Surgeon – Does shape matter when it comes to our bodies?

Thai Cosmetic Surgeon – Does shape matter when it comes to our bodies?

March 6, 2014 by Grainne Farrell0

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Human beings are creatures of novelty; ever since the first cosmetic surgery center was opened and the ability to change your appearance with just a few strokes by a surgeon and some swipes of a credit card was made available to the masses, people have flocked to these buildings en mass.   Thailand cosmetic surgeons who are excellent in their craft easily grow a following of loyal women who would return time and time again to get their procedures done.

In Thailand, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available is breast augmentation. In a country where one’s social status can be made or broken by one’s physical appearance, it’s not hard to see why women would go out of their way to be able to stand out in terms of beauty and perfection.

At present, rounded gel implants are the only ways that are approved for public use, although there is a gaining movement to allow shaped breast implants to be available for public usage. In the United States, trials for cohesive anatomically-correct breast implants are currently undergoing trials to see if they are fit for public use. The current shape of breast implants is the result of five different generations. Over the years, the shape, material, texture, and strength of breast implants have changed and improved, and have resulted to the breast implant of today.

Again, the human craving for novelty surfaces as women are looking for differently-shaped breast implants, other than the round implants that are available currently. A survey in March 2013 showed that women with round breast implants are equally satisfied compared to women with shaped breast implants.  This result surprised one well-known Thailand cosmetic surgeon, who had anticipated that women with rounded breast implants would be more satisfied compared to those without them.

A Thai cosmetic surgeon mentioned that when it comes to breast augmentation, appearance will always give way to safety, and that patient safety should always come before any concerns of aesthetics.