Phuket Breast Augmentation – A Life Without Regret

Phuket Breast Augmentation – A Life Without Regret

September 10, 2014 by Grainne Farrell0

Phuket Breast Augmentation

Having a support system is very important during surgery.  It’s really uplifting to have someone beside you when you have changes in your body image process.  I admire the mothers accompanying their daughters for the procedure, for I would do the same thing for my daughter.  I also admire the women going alone to Phuket for breast augmentation; she is Miss Independent! Whew!

Being a woman with a partner, I love seeing a couple handling the entire process of the surgery.  Seeing how supportive a man could be for her partner’s breast augmentation is really amazing, inspiring, and intriguing.  I know that some men like bigger breasts, others are fine with normal size, some just really don’t care about it.  I was fascinated because I once asked my partner about how he would feel if I’d had breast augmentation surgery.  He said, “You look fine, but it is up to you.”  A short phrase, but it gave me endless ‘What-if’s…’  This was intriguing because I was curious as to who made the decision?  Does the woman convince her partner?  Does the man convince his partner?  This was quite the conundrum; something which I should not be bothered with.  But then again, I am woman.  There’s just something in our brain in which we simply cannot stop thinking about these sort of scenarios and outcomes.

Without a doubt, Phuket Breast Augmentation is the best.  It would absolutely provide you the best surgeons, the best hospitals, and It would give you 100% of the confidence you are wanting to have.

The most important decision to make is not about choosing the size, or if they will be round or tear drop, or choosing the surgeon.  Surprisingly, it is, “Do I really want this?”  Your partner will appreciate the fact the you wanted to change a part of you because you know it will make him happy.  But the most important question is: “DO I REALLY WANT THIS?”  It may be a little bit harsh, but let’s accept the fact that relationships come and go, when things don’t work out, how they are supposed to. When good things never last, we tend to post blame.  It will be hard to do something that you never liked and have a regret afterward, along with emotional and psychological damages. The point here is that it is really important that it was YOU who decided to change a part of your body.  It was YOU who wanted it for so long. It was YOU who dreamt about it.  It was YOU who badly needs it.  You will never know how long your partner will be by your side, but you know that your body will never ever leave you.

Phuket Breast Augmentation can do magic for your appearance such as: posture, body shape; and for your confidence in knowing you will look fantastic!  But for emotional and psychological aspects, you’ll be responsible for that.  Changing something inside yourself means courage, and when you find that courage, you will be psychologically and emotionally prepared for the NEW You. Before making the decision, ensure that you think about it deeply, and ask yourself, “DO I REALLY WANT THIS FOR ME?” Having regret is not a wonderful feeling. Remember there is no “UNDO” button (like computers) which will automatically bring you back to the way as it was before. In Aesthetic field, Undo means another surgery. Once you have discussed to your significant other about what will make YOU happy and, the final decision and the answer is, “YES,” Lotus Medical International will gladly be here to support you all the way.