Cosmetic Surgery Holiday – What to pack

Cosmetic Surgery Holiday – What to pack

March 2, 2017 by Grainne Farrell0

Clothes – Cosmetic surgery holiday, what to pack

After having surgery you may have limited movement and find it difficult or not be able to raise your arms above your head. Think about this when choosing which clothes to pack for your cosmetic surgery holiday. Items that can be buttoned up instead of going over your head would be best. Loose fitting clothes may be more comfortable too. Check the season that you will be travelling to Thailand for your cosmetic surgery holiday. High season is from November – April, this is when many holiday makers choose to travel to Thailand as the weather is much better. If you are travelling in these months then pack cool clothes. If you are travelling outside of these months then you may be within rainy season so pack some water proofs, the rain can be very bad at times in these months.

Compression garments – Cosmetic surgery holiday, what to pack

The hospital may already provide you with a post-surgery compression garment. Check with your coordinator whether you will be given one or not. We often recommend our clients to purchase a compression garment in preparation of their cosmetic surgery holiday. The ones the hospital provides are not often the best quality or fit. We work with an Australian based company who can advise you on which garment to buy and send it out to your home address prior to your trip.

Over-night hospital bag – Cosmetic surgery holiday, what to pack

If you are having your surgery under general anesthetic then you will be required to stay in the hospital for at least 1 night. Some procedures require a longer hospital stay. Your surgeon will have already told you how many nights you will be required to stay in your online consultation feedback. Pack some comfortable night clothes and an outfit to put on when you leave the hospital, consider the things above; lose fitting clothes that are easy to put on. You may want to pack a thin jumper in case the air conditioning is chilly in the hospital or you feel the cold easily.  Pack your regular over-night things and it might be a good idea to bring a book or organize some films to watch if you are expecting to be in the hospital for some time. The hospital has wifi so you can access skype and facebook etc to contact people back home.

Medication – Cosmetic surgery holiday, what to pack

If you are currently taking any medication for any pre-existing conditions then you must check with your coordinator and surgeon if you need to stop taking this medication before you surgery. Remember to pack any medication that you have been prescribed if you need to continue taking this while you’re away. You won’t need to bring any pain relief medication or any medication associated with your surgery. Everything will be prescribed and monitored by your surgeon in Thailand. They will even prescribe sleeping pills to help you sleep after your procedure.