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Our extensive experience with facelifts in Thailand has shown us that people have facelifts for numerous reasons: to freshen up a tired appearance, reverse the signs of ageing or to simply rejuvenate lost muscle tone and definition. Based in Phuket and Bangkok, facelifts at our surgery won’t drive you into the red or leave your pocket empty. Lotus Medical receives regular enquiries for cosmetic services. Our reputation has been built on the back of our quality service, affordable rates and commitment – we make sure to cater to all your needs and organise your travel and accommodation. The steady flow of happy clients has also strengthened the expertise of our seasoned professionals, so you can rest assured you are receiving quality service. We offer the best facelifts at affordable prices. Contact us today and find out more about your facelift, mini face lift and neck lift surgery in Thailand.

How does a facelift work?

There are several different ways a facelift surgery can be performed. In most cases, a lower and mid-facelift is done in combination with neck lift surgery for the best results. In some cases, we will also suggest a brow lift – all of these procedures done together are known as a ‘full facelift’.  Our dedicated surgeons will advise you on which facelift options are best for you, by reviewing your photos online and also when you meet them during your face-to-face consultation.

Facelift surgery generally lasts between 3 – 4 hours and is performed under a general anaesthetic. During surgery, if having face lift, your surgeon will make 2-3 incisions along the hairline, behind the ears or underneath the chin. The incisions are made in these particular areas to allow the surgeon to create the more smooth and taught appearance.  If you a have a brow lift, then an incision is made in the hairline or in the eyebrow, to pull the forehead up and to raise the level of the eyebrows. Our surgeons use the most up to date techniques for face lift and most often use the SMAS technique which is also known as the deep plane technique.

Often when having facelift surgery in Thailand the surgeons will also recommend having eyelid surgery. The reason for this is that if you are going to make the face look younger by tightening the skin on the face then the tissue around the eyes also needs to be tightened to complete the full look and to give the best overall youthful results. In the case of eyelid surgery, incisions are made around the eyes to remove excess tissue and reveal a more youthful appearance.

With all our cosmetic surgery offerings, we employ experienced surgeons who are all board certified and moreover, who specialise in performing facelift. We use the most qualified surgeons and nursing staff to minimise any risk.

What is a mini face lift?

We have found that more and more often, younger women in their forties and early fifties are starting to have what can be called mini face lifts or lower face and neck lift. This procedure is done to tighten the jowls and the area around the lower part of the face to give a more youthful appearance and to turn back the years. A mini facelift surgery – which is growing rapidly in popularity – addresses wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face using small incisions placed around the ears. It restores definition to the chin by removing excess tissue and skilfully tightening the remaining tissue. Our dedicated surgeons will advise you on which facelift options are best for you, by reviewing your photos during your face-to-face consultation.

What is a neck lift and is it possible to have neck lift surgery without having face lift surgery?

Patients of varying ages often have the desire to get rid of a hanging or bulging neck. In younger patients neck lift surgery can sometimes be done in isolation without lower face lift. If there is fatty tissue also present, which is often the case in a hanging neck, then liposuction can be offered along the neck lift surgery. In older patients who want to lift the neck a lower face lift is almost always needed in combination with neck lift surgery in order to give the right results.

Cost of Facelift Surgery

How much does a facelift cost in Thailand?

Facelift procedures prices start at 80,000 baht (approximately $3,500 AUD) ranging up to 160,000 baht (approximately $5,000AUD).


Cost in Thai Baht start from

No of Days Stay

Neck Lift



Lower Face and Neck Lift


10 – 14

Mid/Lower Face and Neck Lift


10 – 14

If you would like to know more about which type of facelift is most suitable for you then please just get in touch and we can arrange for our surgeons to assess your case and get back to you with their feedback and costs.

Often when people want to change the look of the face they will also consider having rhinoplasty done.

Rhinoplasty Nose Job Procedures in Thailand

Nose jobs, also known as Rhinoplasty surgery is quite popular in Thailand . The nose is the central feature of your face therefore the size and shape of it define the overall balance of your face. The 2 most common types of Rhinoplasty are Asian and Western. In Asian Rhinoplasty a small silicone stent or rib or ear cartilage is placed in the most to raise the bridge of the nose, this is the type of rhinoplasty which is most often carried out in Asian patients, this can also be referred to as closed rhinoplasty. In Western rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty the nose is contoured by way of removing cartilage and re-shaping bone and this is the type of rhinoplasty most often done in Western patients.

For a full list of plastic surgery categories to see our plastic surgery in Thailand information on our homepage including breast lifts, boob jobs, face lifts, tummy tucks, nose jobs, liposuction, hair transplants and much more.

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We are professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your best body. Contact us today.

Mini Face Lift

mini facelift thailandA mini face lift is much like a regular facelift but with more discrete incisions and overall less surgery work. It can restore a the look of a defined jawline by working on the excess fat tissue or sagging skin and you’d like to restore that youthful look.
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Neck Lift

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Haley Swan, Perth, Australia

I can not fault anything about this company or my surgery or my experience. My host was Charlie which can answer absolutely every question you throw at him. I had my surgery at Phuket International Hospital with Dr Rushapol. Everything was amazing in everyway from the driver that picked me up and dropped me home for every appointment. The nurses where so lovley and amazing. My surgeon was amazing My room was amazing Even the food at the hospital was yummy The morning after my surgery Charlie came and visited me to check that I was doing okay. He was there for my follow up appointment aswell.. So if your thinking about surgery in thailand lotus medical is the company to go through the take all the hussle and stress out of the whole experience.

Darlene, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment?
I undertook breast augmentation in January 2010. Ten months on, I am exceedingly pleased with the results, and have not experienced any problems whatsoever. Recovery post-op was great, I experienced limited immobility and was able to thoroughly enjoy the rest of my stay in Phuket following surgery.

Would you recommend the clinic?
I would absolutely recommend the clinic, the staff were professional, efficient, friendly and courteous. They were also able to communicate well and made me feel at ease.

Would you return for further treatment?
My experience was an entirely positive one, and I would have no hesitation in returning for further treatment. I would most certainly recommend this clinic.

Anne, Australia

Were you pleased with the treatment?
Absolutely THRILLED….has changed my life! And yes, the price charged was the same as the quote.

Would you recommend the clinic?
This is where it goes from amazing to incredible: compared to private clinics in THREE other first world countries – there is simply no comparison. From arrival at the airport till our personal taxi & friendly drop-off back to the airport 10 days later – the entire experience was five star! To have a qualified, experienced member of the pharmaceutical / medical industry whose 1st language is English (& who completely understood where I was at) – waiting for us in the stunning patients lounge, accompanying us through the consultations and check-in to daily visits was phenomenal…. As for the hospital – well: it was enough to make me want to move there permanently. Felt like I was in a 5 star hotel, was treated like a princess (and long lost family member) and then to top it all – the most brilliant and successful surgery I could ever have wished for. Dr Witoon is a miracle worker!

Would you return for further treatment?
Can’t wait to go back – already booked into my diary!

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I would recommend this company to everyone

For sure! Over all im quite young and was on the trip by my self If I didn’t have Lotus medical with me it would have not have been the same experience, I never felt alone or like I was a hassle to them I was treated with respect and care, the appointments were always on time the doctor was amazing and so direct it was great he was under standing and it really felt like he care for me! I would recommend this company to everyone

Kristina, Australia

Excellent Service

Excellent service from the moment I emailed my enquiry. Extremely happy with the results of my surgery. Would not want to have had my surgery anywhere else can not recommend them highly enough.

Kelly – Breast Implants, Cairns, Australia

Took all the worry out of the experience for me

I was really pleased with the service I received from Lotus Medical in making my appointment and on how to get to the clinic. The treatment itself was done professionally, with the Dr being very reassuring as this was my first Treatment for lines and wrinkles treatment. I would recommend Lotus Medical if you are considering any medical treatments in Thailand. They took all the worry out of the experience for me.

Michael – Botox, Australia

Nothing short of amazing.

My experience was nothing short of amazing.From the start to finish. Everybody who I dealt with were professional and the facilities were top notch. I was made felt so comfortable and reassured about the procedure which was important as I had never been to hospital for anything. I recommend it over and over again.

Bella – Breast Implants, Australia