Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket: The Real Fairy God Mother

Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket: The Real Fairy God Mother

September 2, 2014 by Grainne Farrell0


Confidence; one word which explains that I am not gifted enough. You can’t blame me, since during my childhood’s early years; I didn’t receive a solid foundation for good feelings about myself.  Yes, I have that weird looking Asian nose, that buying a sunglasses is like looking up for a needle in a haystack.  I know, you’re trying to visualize it, watching a 3D movie in a theatre is not that appealing because I have to constantly hold the 3D glasses because my nose doesn’t have what you call, “The Bridge.” Maybe this is one of the reasons why fate has brought me here.  Cosmetic surgery in Phuket would, hopefully someday, give me “The Bridge” I have been dreaming of. Oh wait… is it, “The Bridge” or the confidence?

Let us go back to confidence; I was assigned the role of Medical Host for Lotus Medical International. When they informed me about my job description, I thought to myself, “Wait, can I do this?” I will be working in Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket, but my confidence is missing; how ironic. However at the end of the day, I told  myself that what matters most is how knowledgeable I am in my field, how concerned and responsible I am with all the clients I am supporting, and that would prevent me from having this spotlight effect: paranoia that people will just stare at my nose.  So, to compensate for what is missing from me (the confidence),  I have read a lot about cosmetic surgeries and learned things as fast as I could, attended to the client’s needs, which has made me somehow forget about my insecurity.  Lucky for me, my nursing background was a big help.

I have seen women walking into the surgery, some were shy, some excited, and others were anxious.  I was more focused on observing the shy women, because I know that excitement and anxiety are normal during the pre-operative surgery phase.  I most closely relate to the shy people, but because of my job, being shy is not an option. “The show must go on” as the famous cliché goes.

I know how it feels like to not be confident about yourself.  It makes you feel shy, having the thoughts that there’s something wrong about you and sometimes you can’t stop having the insecurity; almost like jealousy.  I felt it and still, I have it.  I remember I was invited for a photo shoot, and it was hard for me to project in front of the camera. The whole time I was thinking the photographer is bothered looking at my nose.  The pictures were great, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t do it ever again. My confidence is distorted, but, could it be cured?

One day we had a client for breast augmentation who was very shy and timid. Her mother kept telling me how her daughter dreamt of having bigger breasts.  I felt how supportive the mother was and I saw how lack of confidence could make a person so shy; extremely shy.  I empathized with her and it moved me.  In my mind, I wanted to see how the surgery will change her life’s perspective. After 7 days, during her stitches removal, I arrived first in the hospital and was excitedly waiting for her.  I saw a woman walking like a Victoria’s Secret model, so confident: smiley face, chin up, amazing posture and, god, I will never forget that glow on her face.  If I hadn’t see her mum, I might have been doubtful she was the same client.

In 7 days I saw how her confidence has been boosted so fast like one stroke from the fairy god mother’s wand. She kept telling how happy she was.  I was inspired; I wanted to have that confidence.  I wanted to know how it feels like to walk in a crowd without the fear of being the laughing stock.  Having the confidence will make someone feel and look beautiful.  That day, I made up my mind that no matter how long it takes, if time permits me, I will have my bridge, I will have my rhinoplasty!  Since cosmetic surgery in Phuket is undoubtedly the best option, with the help of Lotus Medical International, I know, without a doubt, that I will be in the best hands and get the confidence everyone deserves to feel in themselves.