Plastic surgery thailand – Getting Back to Exercise After Breast Implants

Plastic surgery thailand – Getting Back to Exercise After Breast Implants

February 27, 2014 by Grainne Farrell0

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You work out because you care are about how you look.  Similarly, you have chosen to have breast enhancement surgery because you care about how you look, and now you’re set to get back to the crucial task of shaping your even closer to perfect womanly figure.

Feeling impatient and questioning how and when to start your programme?

We asked one of our own Thailand Cosmetic Surgeons for his guidance on keeping our post-augmentation patients strong, healthy and SAFE when working out.

Here is some important advice for active females who have undertaken breast augmentation surgery in Thailand!

Weeks 1-2

According to Dr. V, you will have to go to ground for two weeks, with the exclusion of stationary stretching. Try a gentle version of the stretches demonstrated here:

Weeks 2-6

You can introduce light cardio exercises & lower-body workouts after 2 weeks, but be careful about impact! You don’t want to be trying out your new boobs on the treadmill for at least the 4 weeks.

Stick to low or non-impact machines like the elliptical or the stationary bike. It’s ok to work hard. Just don’t forget, you’re 2 weeks post op, and the implants need time to settle and heal properly. (More on that later.)

Week 6+

At 6 weeks after surgery, Dr. V. recommends starting slowly back into resistance training with low-weight, high-rep exercises designed to recondition the pec major and shoulder girdles since they will be weak and tight. Put into practice, this means starting with kneeling pushups and light dumbbell bench presses. These upper body exercises are not to be attempted until after 6 weeks in submuscular patients and breast reconstruction patients.

Gals who’ve had subglandular implants may begin upper body weightlifting after 4 weeks. If you’ve only gone in for an implant exchange or revision, you’re out of the game for just one week.