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Phuket for cosmetic surgery

August 19, 2015 by Grainne Farrell0

Phuket for cosmetic surgery

Thousands of medical travelers make their way to Thailand and to Phuket each year, so why are so many people opting to have Cosmetic surgery in Phuket?  Obviously one of the main reasons that people wish to travel to Thailand for surgery is because of the huge cost savings of having plastic surgery in Phuket or Thailand versus the costs at home.  But have you ever stopped to think about the other benefits?  A few years ago more people tended to go to Bangkok for surgery but the tables have turned and more and more people are now travelling to Phuket for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is available throughout many cities in Thailand but most people nowadays are choosing to have Phuket Surgery, what is the reason for this?  Well there are many reasons; the plastic surgeons in Phuket are among the best in Thailand and the most experienced at dealing with international clients.  Therefore they also have the most experience at Western type surgeries versus performing surgery on Asian patients as there can be many differences especially with surgeries such as Rhinoplasty of which there is a very distinct Western and Asian type.

So what are the other reasons that people are choosing Phuket Surgery?  Having plastic surgery in Phuket also means that you have a perfect tropical island environment in which to rest and recover.  When having surgery at home you still have daily stresses to deal with during your recovery, who is going to do the washing, cooking, cleaning and school runs? When you come to Thailand you can completely kick back and relax.  Instead of having to deal with day to day tasks at home you can sit by the pool, call room service and rely on the hotel staff to clean your room and do your laundry.  There simply is no better place than Phuket for plastic surgery and for the perfect recovery.

Why not let Lotus Medical organise a full Thailand surgery package for you?  We can arrange a package to include your surgery, transfers, accommodation, medical host and mobile phone. This means that when you are having cosmetic surgery in Phuket you can be assured of one of the best hotels, you can also rely on the fact that you will be fully supported during your trip and that you always have someone that you can contact if you have any questions.

Cosmetic surgery Phuket, has to be a pretty good choice for anyone!