Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants In Thailand

Are you unhappy with your breasts? Many women are, so more and more are opting for breast lift and enlargement and today, it is even simpler and safer than ever before. Today breast surgery in Thailand is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Our breast implant packages (commonly known as boob jobs) mean that never has it been simpler or safer to have breast surgery. Women who have small breasts or who have experienced changes to their breast due to pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss will often have this procedure. The results are larger and firmer breasts which can make you feel more feminine and confident.

breast augmentation

For several decades now many people have been choosing to fly to Thailand for cosmetic breast surgery procedures such as breast lift and enlargement. People choose to have breast surgery in Thailand for several different reasons; the costs are lower than in other countries, Thailand boasts some of the most experienced surgeons in the world and it is possible to combine surgery with a holiday and to have a perfect paradise environment in which to rest and recover.

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Breast implants cost/prices and overall breast surgery prices are quite often the main reason that people choose to travel to Thailand for surgery. The costs are usually much lower than in Western countries which makes breast surgery in Thailand a great option for those wanting to have surgery but don’t want to spend vast sums of money on their surgery.

Lotus Medical International can arrange not only your surgery but we can also offer breast implant packages which mean that your entire trip can be arranged for you from start to finish in a stress free environment.

The two most common breast surgery procedures that our surgeons perform are breast lift and enlargement. Breast implant or enlargement surgery is done to increase the size of the breasts and breast lift is to correct any droopiness in the breast. Breast lift and breast enlargement are procedures which can be done in isolation or together. Whichever type of surgery you need, we will make sure that you go to one of the top surgeons in Thailand and a surgeon that specializes in breast surgery.

If you have any questions at all about having breast surgery in Thailand please feel free to contact our support team who will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you have.


Cost in Thai Baht start from…

No of Days Stay

Breast Augmentation with round implants



Breast Augmentation with tear drop implants



Breast Augmentation with lift


12 – 14


  • Surgeon – Board certified, plastic surgeon
  • Length of surgery – 2-3 hours
  • Breast implants cost/prices – round implants $4400 AUD (115,000 Thai Baht,) tear drop implants $5800 AUD (150,000 Thai Baht.)
  • Brand of implants – Mentor
  • Nights in hospital – 1
  • Total days in Thailand – 7
  • Anaesthesia – general anaesthetic
  • Follow up appointments – 1 appointment 5-6 days after surgery
  • Recovery – up to 6 months

breast implant hospital phuket
breast implant hospital phuket

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Breast Implant types

Our surgeons use silicone, gel implants provided by Mentor. The implants come with a life time guarantee. Implants come in either a round or a tear drop shape. The tear drop shape implants can give a more natural look although our surgeons are able to achieve equally as natural results with round implants. The choice of shape can depend on the type of outcome you would like and also weather there is more upper or lower pole fullness. If you already have fullness in the upper pole of the breasts then tear drop implants may be better suited to you. If you would like to create more upper pole fullness then the round implants can achieve this. Your surgeon will advise which shape he thinks would work best in accordance to your desired outcome and frame. Tear drop implants can also be used to lift the nipple line.

Breast implants come in a huge variety of sizes, ranging from cc – cc. Again, your surgeon can help you to decide which size would be best for you. The implants also vary in profiles, moderate profiles, moderate plus profiles and high profiles are available, an image of each can be seen below. The implants also vary in width. Our surgeons are breast surgery specialists who are highly skilled at selecting the perfect implant for each individual body so don’t worry if you don’t know which implant you would like or need. All of these decisions will be guided by your surgeon after he fully understands what your desired outcome is.


The most commonly used incision for breast surgery in Thailand is an inframammary fold incision (IMF.) The incision is made in the breast fold. This type if incision is well hidden and surgeons are able to easily place the implant this way, giving you the best results.

Sometimes the surgeons will recommend moving the areolar (nipples) to better positions when having breast augmentation. In this case an incision called a circumareolar incision is made the surgeon will then perform a circumareolar lift and also place the implants through this incision. The incision is great as it completely blends in with the nipple. Clients should be aware that when having a circumareolar incision there is a 50% chance that you won’t be able to breast feed after the surgery. Nipple sensitivity can also be affected, this can sometimes return with time.

If a breast lift and enlargement is needed then the surgeon will use the circumareolar incision plus there will be another incision from the bottom of the nipple vertically down to the breast crease, this is known as a lollipop incision. For more severe grades of breast ptosis then the surgeon will use the lollipop incision with the IMF incision, this is known as an anchor incision.

It is possible to have an incision in the armpit when having breast implants although this is rarely recommended as it isn’t the preferred method for the surgeons; it makes placing the implant difficult which can affect the results.

Our surgeons are extremely experienced and use the most advanced incision techniques; the scares a neat and small and fade considerably over time. Eventually the incisions are barely noticeable as they lighten in color with time.


Implants can be placed over the muscle, under the muscle or a dual plane placement can be used. The most common types of placements are under the muscle and dual plane. Under the muscle creates a natural look and the muscle helps to keep the implant in place. Dual plane means that half of the implant is under the muscle and half is over the muscle. Some surgeons prefer this placement as they feel they can get a better result with this. Over the muscle placement is often only used in special cases such as body builders or if there is a reason that over the muscle would look better due the client’s amount of breast tissue or muscle tissue.


What will recovery be like? Many women say that the sensation after surgery is more uncomfortable than painful. If however you do experience pain then you will be prescribed painkillers. Your breasts may be bruised and swollen after surgery. You will be advised not to fly for 6 days. It is best to return to work after 1-2 weeks unless you have a very strenuous or active job in which case you may be advised to take a longer time of work. You will wear a light dressing which needs to be kept dry until you have your follow up consultation with your surgeon. This will be between 5 – 6 days after your surgery. After this it is often advisable to wear a sports bra for a few weeks to really help to keep the breasts in shape. There will be slight scarring which will still be pink for 1-2 months but which may take many months to completely reduce.


Are there any risks involved? Breast Augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures and generally is done without complications. All surgery however does carry an element of risk. Complications can include capsular contracture where scar tissue hardens around the implant or rupture of the implant when a hole develops. With the introduction of newer implants both of these risks are now reduced. From time to time women can experience changes in sensation. The nipple can become more or less sensitive. This is almost always temporary and lasts for a few months but rarely this can be permanent. All of these risks are minimised by experienced surgical technique, specialist care and by using highly qualified surgeons and nursing staff. The risks are also minimised by making sure that you are in good general health before your operation. Your consultation with your surgeon will give you advice on how best to achieve this as well as letting you know of any risks which may apply to you.


Who is breast enlargement surgery for?

  • Women who have small breasts and feel unhappy with them
  • Women who want to improve their appearance after pregnancy
  • Women who have lost size in their breasts after losing weight
  • Women who want to have a more proportionate figure
  • Women who may have one breast smaller than the other

What can I expect?
Women who have breast surgery find that enhancement of their figure really can help to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. Breast size can be increased by up to 2 sizes, so for example, from a B to a D. This is decided upon during consultation with your surgeon. Quite often women have breast enlargement surgery in combination with a breast uplift to enhance not only the size of the breasts but also the shape and height of the bust line.

What does surgery involve? 

During the procedure small incisions are made in the natural crease underneath the breast or underneath the armpit and either silicone or saline implants are inserted. During your consultation your surgeon will help you choose which type of surgery and which type of implant suits you. Prior to you surgery you will meet with your surgeon to discuss any questions which you may have. The surgery will last between 1-2 hrs and will require a general anaesthetic and therefore an overnight stay in hospital.

Before & After

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For sure! Over all im quite young and was on the trip by my self If I didn’t have Lotus medical with me it would have not have been the same experience, I never felt alone or like I was a hassle to them I was treated with respect and care, the appointments were always on time the doctor was amazing and so direct it was great he was under standing and it really felt like he care for me! I would recommend this company to everyone

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Excellent service from the moment I emailed my enquiry. Extremely happy with the results of my surgery. Would not want to have had my surgery anywhere else can not recommend them highly enough.

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I was really pleased with the service I received from Lotus Medical in making my appointment and on how to get to the clinic. The treatment itself was done professionally, with the Dr being very reassuring as this was my first Treatment for lines and wrinkles treatment. I would recommend Lotus Medical if you are considering any medical treatments in Thailand. They took all the worry out of the experience for me.

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My experience was nothing short of amazing.From the start to finish. Everybody who I dealt with were professional and the facilities were top notch. I was made felt so comfortable and reassured about the procedure which was important as I had never been to hospital for anything. I recommend it over and over again.

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