Breast lift and implants – What to consider?



1. Research

It’s important to gather as much knowledge about the breast lift and implants procedure as possible. The decision to have breast lift and implants shouldn’t be made lightly. Cosmetic surgery is a permanent change to your body and life. Be aware of the risks and research what the recovery process is likely to involve.

2. Your expectations

Look for before and after images of other women who have had breast lift and implants that relate as closely to you as possible; this will help you to see what is realistically achievable for your body. Our surgeons can do incredible things however, they cannot work miracles. It’s important to have realistic expectations to avoid disappointment.

3. Timing

When you have your surgery is very important, you will need to have sufficient recovery time after having breast lift and implants to ensure you get the desired results and to keep you in good health. Make sure you’re planning your surgery when you are able to take enough time off from work or other commitments. If you are struggling to find a suitable time to have surgery, it’s far better to postpone your surgery than to compromise on the results.

4. Finance

It’s important to understand that some surgeries such as breast lift and implants are not lifelong procedures. It is likely that further down the line you will need or want a second surgery. It is also important to understand the risks involved with cosmetic surgery. Revision surgery after your initial operation is extremely rare but still a possibility. You need to be sure that cosmetic surgery is realistic in terms of your financial circumstances. We do however offer a surgical guarantee which covers any instance that is the fault of the surgeon or hospital.


breast implants in Thailand

There has always been a long-standing controversy about people deciding to have Breast Implants in Thailand.  A lot of the media from overseas have chosen to paint a bad picture in regards to having Breast Implants in Thailand. Why do they do this? Well the simple answer is that the cosmetic surgeons at home do not want to loose business to their rival cosmetic surgeons in Thailand.

For many years women have ignored what has been shown on their local media and after doing their own research or speaking to friends they have decided that having breast implants in Thailand is actually a good option. The highly experienced surgeons here, coupled with the state of the art hospitals and cost effective surgery mean that Thailand has hundreds and thousands of women that have decided to come to Thailand for breast surgery.

Breast Implants in Thailand vs Australia

Recently in Australia one of the companies that offers breast implant surgery decided to lower it’s costs to be more in line with those in Thailand. In order to cost cut they used surgeons with little experience and often women were asked to leave on the same day as their breast surgery after having a general aneasthetic. This is something that just never happens in Thailand and which the surgeons here do not deem to be safe or acceptable. This Institute also made headline news in Australia after three of its patients were hospitalize due to serious illness after surgery, two of them because of errors with aneasthetic.

So something that therefore must be considered by anyone thinking about having breast implant surgery is…………… If deciding to have breast implant surgery and looking for a cost effective option, will you have a better experience if having breast implants in Thailand or is having surgery at home a better option?


Breast Augmentation Thailand

Get your breast enlargement done in Thailand

Lotus Medical International offers a wide range of affordable cosmetic surgery procedures with breast augmentation being one of them. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality cosmetic surgery available in Thailand and our clinic in Phuket has proven to deliver healthcare to international standards. Contact us now to find out why so many people choose to have breast augmentation in Thailand.

Thailand boasts some of the most experienced surgeons in the world and world-class hospital facilities. One of the surgeons that we work with, Dr. Sanguan, was voted as one of the top three breast surgery surgeons in the world. Added to that, our surgeons use the best implants available on the market today.

There are many reasons why people decide to have breast augmentation in Thailand. The first benefit is obviously the cost. Breast augmentation prices in Thailand are considerably lower and we offer affordable packages. Quite often when recovering at home after surgery, it is difficult to relax completely. Phone calls, cleaning and school runs can get in the way but when you’re recovering in Thailand, you can sit back and order room service at your hotel, have your room cleaned and even wash your laundry.

People also find that just a few days after having their breast implants in Thailand, they are able to go out and about and to also enjoy a bit of a holiday. We recommend that in the first few days after your breast augmentation that you take it easy, relax and if you are going to go out ensure you get your doctor’s approval first.

All of our clients, after having their breast augmentation surgery, are able to enjoy most of the things that people enjoy on holiday. Until the incisions have healed, it is recommended that you don’t swim, to avoid infection. It is also advisable to stay away from anything that is too strenuous.

Clinic services

Our friendly staff will take good care of you before and after your surgery. In the case of emergencies, we provide an on-call medical team for you during your stay in Thailand and provide an assistant to help look after you.

Deciding to have your breast implant surgery in Thailand, is therefore, a really good choice for many reasons.

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