Step by Step Guide

Getting ready for surgery

Below is a step by step guide to walk you through your medical journey at Lotus Medical International. These steps will take you from the enquiry stage to surgery booking to hospital pick up and after care.

Step 1

  • Make an enquiry with Lotus Medical International about the type of cosmetic surgery that you would like to have done. One of our team members will the contact you by email with information on average costs for the type of procedure you would like as well as additional information about the types of cosmetic packages that we offer. If you have sent us your phone number, you will also get a call from one of our team members to answer any further questions that you might have.

Step 2

  • Lotus Medical will arrange an online consultation with our medical team regarding your particular case. You will be asked to send us some photos and a completed medical history questionnaire. You are not under any obligation to book with us by using this service. We will discuss your information with our team of surgeons and/or dentists.
  • You will then receive detailed feedback as well as a final quote and a recommended length of stay in Thailand for your medical holiday.

Step 3

  • The next step is then to decide on a date for your surgery in Thailand. Before making any travel arrangements, we will confer with the surgeon and confirm the date with you.
  • Our team will then talk you through our medical packages with the option to book any choice. They will arrange your hotel, transfers, and an English speaking medical host to walk you through the process. If you would also like help with flights our travel co-coordinator will also contact you. At this stage, an itinerary of your trip will be sent to you.
  • We will we then ask that you pay a $500 non-refundable deposit. If for some reason you need to change the date of your surgery, as long as you give us more than seven days’ notice, we will hold the deposit towards your next planned surgery date. Then four weeks prior to your trip to Thailand, you will be sent a payment reminder for the balance of your medical holiday. The final payment is made 21 days before your arrival in Thailand. You just pay the hospital directly on the day of your surgery.

Step 4

  • Upon your arrival in Thailand, a driver will pick you from the designated meeting point at the airport and then take you to the hotel. The driver will again pick you up (usually the following morning) to take you to the hospital for your medical consultation. After your consultation you will go through medical tests to make sure that you are fit and healthy for cosmetic surgery. Your surgery will usually take place either the same day as your consultation or the following day.
  • It is important to remember not to eat anything after 7AM on the morning of your surgery unless told otherwise by the surgeon or hospital staff.
  • After the surgery, you will stay as a patient at the hospital for the designated number of nights. When the plastic surgeon gives permission for your release, your medical host will come to meet you to help with hospital check out. Your driver will then take you back to the hotel.
  • While still in Thailand, you will have one or two follow-up appointments with your surgeon. Your medical host will notify you of this at the appropriate times. During your follow-up appointments, your surgeon will remove any dressings, take out any stitches, and give advice for you to follow through the recovery phase of your medical holiday.
  • If at any stage after surgery you would like to see your surgeon or a nurse then just give your medical host a call on the mobile phone that we will provide. Your host will assist in arranging any additional appointments.

Step 5

  • Your driver will collect the ‘new you’ and take you to the airport fully rejuvenated to start your journey home to your family, looking and feeling fabulous!