Surgical Guarantees

Hospital Surgery Guarantee

Some of our surgeons, namely those that work at Phuket International Hospital (PIAC), offer what is called a surgical guarantee. This means that if there is a problem which is the fault of the hospital or the surgeon, the PIAC will fix the problem at cost to themselves and, on occasion, pay towards travel expenses.

While we have never had a patient that needed to use this guarantee, surgery does come with its risks and is never 100% fool proof. This guarantee is therefore a very nice safety net to have.

When booking surgery at PIAC, you will be given a recommended length of stay in Thailand. In order to be covered by the guarantee, the hospital will ask that you stay for this length of time.

Please do make special note of the exclusion criteria. (For example, if you are a smoker then you must not smoke four weeks before and after your surgery in order to be covered by the guarantee)

You can read the full policy by clicking here.