Breast Surgery In Thailand

Thailand has long since been a mecca for people wishing to travel abroad to receive high quality medical treatments at a lower cost than in their home countries. Thailand has been, for several years, and is set to be for several years more, one of the top countries in the world that people travel to for medical interventions. It boasts some of the most famous hospitals in the world and its physicians are recognized as being trained to an exceptionally high standard.

Whilst most travellers come to Thailand for medical treatments a large part of this market also accommodates the traveller wishing to have cosmetic surgery. Thailand’s plastic and cosmetic surgeons have a vast experience due to the high case numbers that they have. They are therefore amongst the most experienced plastic surgeons in the world.

Some of the most common procedures when it comes to cosmetic surgery are the breast surgery procedures; breast augmentation or breast implant surgery and breast lift. If deciding to have breast surgery in Thailand and booking through Lotus Medical International you can be assured of having one of the very top breast surgery specialists in Thailand. We only make sure that you go to the top hospitals in Thailand and we only work with JCI or ISO Accredited hospitals. All of our surgeons are Board Certified.

Having breast surgery in Thailand not only means that you will save on costs versus having surgery at home, but you will also have surgery with an extremely highly qualified and experienced surgeon. Added to that you have the perfect holiday environment in which to rest and recover after surgery.